Sikkim trek 1943 45 Recce Officers.

These are some photos that were sent to me by the daughter of my grandfather's friend. Three of them show some (not great quality) pictures of a trek in the Himalayas made by four friends, officers in 45 Recce, in March/April 1943. My grandfather often talked about how much he enjoyed the trip. The officers were Lieutenants Dudley Wynter, David Breare and Peter Taylor, and Captain Ron Adams (sadly Adams was killed in Burma in March 1944). This is from a letter Peter Taylor sent to me with a map marking their route: [i]I've marked out our route in green. There were Rest Houses all the way provided by the Indian Government (until nearly?) at Sebula (our destination) IA (?) means PASS.[/i] [font=arial][size=3][background=transparent][i]We collected about seven women to carry out belongings plus a Gurkha guide. For the last two days we had a couple of Yaks, most unmanageable but fun. It took me nearly an hour to go 100 yards bareback and with no help from the bearers![/i][/background][/size][/font] [font=arial][size=3][background=transparent][i]The team was Ron Adams (later killed in Burma), David, Dudley Wynter and myself. We stopped in Lachung for two days to acclimatize at 5,000 feet before going on to Sebula (18,000 feet). Ron had to stay as he got very bad headaches. [/i][/background][/size][/font] [font=arial][size=3][background=transparent][i]We looked forwards to our return to the regiment as 2 days at 18,000 feet turned us almost black (we were in the summer and at this height the only snow was at the top). Alas! We had to peel off our skins on the way down and looked like pink newcomers![/i][/background][/size][/font]

Sikkim trek 1943 45 Recce Officers.
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