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    Hi All, What a great forum! Looking forward to exploring more over these long winter months. My dad was in the QRR from 1939 and apart from a brief spell in the RA (presumably whilst things got tidied up after Dunkirk?) seems to have stayed with them (or at least the RAC) right through to 1946. Unfortunately he died when I was quite young so I can remember a few stories but I’m now trying to piece together a picture of ‘his war’. A trip to Kew and the IWM seems on the cards but I’m hoping to pick up some more tips through the forums. Cheers all and stay safe.
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    If you havent already done so would suggest prior to booking trips to Kew and IWM that you obtain his service records which are only available from the MOD - forms etc are here in the link Request records of deceased service personnel
    The additional info you will need is a copy death certificate.

    His service records are a must to help guide you through Kew etc
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Why did you wait 8 years before posting ?
    Are we that scary ?
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    1/6 Queens were part of 131 Infantry Brigade in 7 Armoured Division. They landed in Italy on 15 Sep 43 and were involved in the securing of Naples and the crossing of the River Volturno.

    After a month in Italy, they were withdrawn back to the UK to prepare for Normandy.


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    I may be able to assist with information, I have copies of the diaries up to the end of 1943, the Regimental history, and supplemental volumes from both the Regimental Association and other publishers.

    Feel free to check with me, for info.
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    Thanks TD. I have his service records from MOD. Took about a year due to Covid and they are a little disappointing, but I guess they had more important things to worry about back then!
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    Teenage kids got in the way. I had the MOD form filled out but couldn’t find my fathers death certificate (2 house moves meant it wasn’t where it should be). I should have done it earlier as there were more living relatives back then that may have helped fill in blanks. That said, an uncle told me he wasn’t at Dunkirk, which he clearly was!
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    Thanks, picked that up from threads on here and I half remember him mentioning Italy. I know he was also involved with the desert rats and I have a few pictures of him in Egypt, one of which is in front of the Pyramids which I managed to replicate when I was there in the 90’s. I don’t ‘think’ he was involved in Normandy, for some reason I seem to think he went to Burma but his records don’t really back that up.
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    Put his Service Record on here.

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    Fabulous.. thank you. I’m pulling together the info I have onto a spreadsheet. I’m new to this forum.. do I message you direct?
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    Hopefully ok to attach files here rather than in another area, apologies to admins if I’m in the wrong I’ve also got his paybook and some photo’s which are quite interesting. I need to get the whole lot scanned as pictures off my phone aren’t great quality (as you can see) FC6EE52B-9861-4FB9-A649-52EB5723F185.jpeg 35693304-5407-4B01-9FDF-909CEF779D8A.jpeg

    Attached Files:

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    You can DM if you wish, or you can post information here, and other members can assist. It all depends on how you wish to work.
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    Looking at the records you have provided, your father served with the 1/6 Queens from March 1940 until 15 May 1941, when he was transferred to 72nd Field Regiment. He was then transferred to the RAC on 3 June 1941, and subsequently spent time with 4 RTR.

    I shall post images of the relevant pages covering the period your father was with the Queen's, in an upcoming post.
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    I have had a quick look at the relevant dates in the war diary, and have found the following from the 1/6th Bn. The Queen's Royal Regiment Part I orders for 13 May 1941, while they were based at Faversham.

    13 May 1941 Jarvis Transfer.JPG
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    Thanks for this! So he grew up in a working class family in Plumstead, London. I think his dad worked in the Woolwich Arsenal. Summers they used to go hop picking in Kent but I don’t imagine he ever went much further afield than Margate. Here he is, having just got back from France and Belgium, now being sent to County Tyrone, and in the next few years would be on his way to North Africa and then Italy. Quite remarkable really.
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    I see he was posted, briefly, to the 92nd Field, RA. The DRAMA report I recently obtained from the Royal Artillery Museum (courtesy of the Royal Artillery Historical Trust) confirms the Regiment was at Newton Stewart from 9 April 1941 to 17 January 1942.

    Not sure if I can post the relevant passages on here as it states “Copyright RA Historical Trust 2018” so I have sent you a PM with images.
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    Hi BFBSM, can you help? I’m confusing myself with the different sources of information. For the war diaries, should I be looking to visit the IWM, the NA at Kew, or the Surrey Museum? I’m sure I’ll do them all eventually but I’m trying to prioritise and get them in the right order. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.
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    War Diaries: National Archives
    IWM: Any other possible records
    Surrey Archives (Woking): Regimental records not held at the infantry museum.
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