1 R/T/R at Alamein

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  1. DavidW

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    Can anyone confirm which of the following Squadron tank distributions is correct for 1 R/T/R at 23/10/42 please?

    October 1942 either A Honey, B Grant, C Grant. Or A Cru II, B Grant, C Sherman
  2. idler

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    A Honey, B Grant, C Grant

    This tallies with the few references in Delaforce's Battles With Panzers to 'the two Grant squadrons' and A Sqn losing Stuarts.
    The Sherman/Grant/Crusader mix dates from early 1943.
  3. DavidW

    DavidW Well-Known Member

    Crikey that was quick!

    Many thanks.
  4. Tom Canning

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    while the 300 Shermans were promised by FDR to Churchill on the surrender of Tobruk - not all of them made it to El Alamein on time as many were still in the shops awaiting better filters - engines et al - and so most Tank battalions were a mix of all of the above - with six Churchills being in action - the first since Dieppe - then later in the March '43 two brigades of Churchills landed in North Africa but by that time many more Shermans had been delivered.

  5. dryan67

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    At El Alamein the 1st Royal Tank Regiment had 24 Grants in ‘A’ and ‘B’ Squadrons and 19 Stuarts in ‘C’ Squadron.

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