1 Suffolks and 7 Norfolks War diaries leading up to and 2 months after DDAY

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    I'm off on a Battlefield Study this week, and was wondering if anyone has the above diaries. I only require the weeks leading up to DDAy and 2 months after DDay.

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    What information do you expect from the War diary that will help with a battlefield study? - (1st Bn Angle irons by any chance?_) I was the historian with the Poachers a couple of years ago. If you have the time, take a day off and visit the National Archive. The staff will help you. What is is the question you have been set to study?

    If you are looking for pre-D day preparation and training the war diaries can be quite thin. You might be better served by Regimental histories and memoirs.

    What is your interest in the 7th Bn? IRRC George Ellis was awarded an MID for his courage as a captain in this unit before being killed by a sniper at Overloon commanding a company of 1st Suffolks. He could hjave been a model for the character Tom Hanks played in Saving Private Ryan. A school teacher fro Greta Yarmouth mourned in the Eastern Daily Press as "one of the finest teachers of his generation"
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