105188 Captain James Thompson STEVENSON, MC, MiD, Loyal Regiment

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    Personal Number: 105188
    Rank: Captain
    Name: James Thompson STEVENSON, MC, MiD
    Unit: Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)

    London Gazette : 20 December 1940
    The names of the undermentioned have been brought to notice in recognition of distinguished services in connection with operations in the field. March-June, 1940.
    2/Lt. J. T. STEVENSON.

    London Gazette : 22 June 1944
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in, recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Burma:—
    The Military Cross.
    Lieutenant (temporary Captain) James Thompson Stevenson (105188), Infantry (Hereford).

    London Gazette : 11 May 1945
    Loyal R.
    2nd Lt. (War Subs. Lt.) James Thompson STEVENSON, M.C. (105118), from Emergy. Commn. to be Lt., i2th May 1945, with seniority 25th Feb. 1941.

    London Gazette : 2 July 1946
    The undermentioned Lts to be Capts. 1st July, 1946.—-
    Loyal R
    (War Subs Capt) J T STEVENSON, MC (105118)
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    One here for our Burma Experts Pagoda Hill 3rd March 44
    11 EA Div Scouts The Loyal Regt 81 West African Div 15 Ind Corps 14 Army.

    (2nd Loyals I assume)

    That said, a bit of research to assist those of us who know nothing of these people and events:

    81st (West Africa) Division - Wikipedia

    Here you will find references to the unit acronyms mentioned in the MC Citation above.
    81st West African Division - Burma Star Memorial Fund

    I think this is the hand written word on the citation: Kaladan River - Wikipedia

    A modern view of the war from the other side of the tracks:
    The last warrior of Africa’s ‘Forgotten Army’: Gambia and WWII

    Over to the experts when they are available
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    Two words appear in the citation Kaladan towards the top and THAYETTABYN.
    Kaladan is I think a River (see above) but THAYETTABYN is as yet unfound. Pagoda 2.jpg

    I think we are talking of Thayet on the Irrawaddy River where there is a Pagoda .
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    I am surprised that our Burma specialists haven't picked up on this, maybe its the title.
    I would have thought that the MC Citation might have been of interest.
    In particular the 11 East African Scouts.

    What was a Captain in the Loyals doing commanding African Forces in Burma?
    In 1941 the 6th Battalion Loyals were transferred to the Reconnaissance Corps converted and re-designated as 2nd Reconnaissance Regiment joining the 2nd Infantry Division, a Regular Army formation, in April 1941 with the rest of the division, it was transferred to India, where it would be engaged against the Imperial Japanese Army, during the Battle of Kohima in 1944.
    It then became part of the British Fourteenth Armies offensive to re-capture Burma.

    Apparently the 81st West African Division cut a track through the jungle which enable them to move quickly by Jeep.
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