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    Can you guys clear up something for me? :wink:

    Been talking to a local Veteran who said he was in the 10th Bn Black Watch and took part in the Torch landings in North Africa.

    My question is, were they there??

    Details from his paybook:
    KOYLI 3/7/41 TO 20/7/42
    Black Watch 21/7/42 to 11/1/43
    AAC - 5th (Scottish) Parachute Bn. 12/1/43 to 27/12/46

    He said he was in 10th Bn Black Watch, Op Torch
    Then transferred to 5th Scottish Parachute Bn and landed at Taranto. Places mentioned: Foggia, Salerno, Dellacqua?

    Went to France

    Then Greece in Operation Manna.

    Thanks for any help

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    Have a little info re 5th (Scottish) Para' Bn. 7th Cameron Highlanders were given a new role In August 1942 when it was converted to a Para Bn. Re-designated the 5th (Scottish) Parachute Battalion, they served North Africa, Italy, South of France and Greece. The regimental origins were maintained by the Pipes and Drums of the battalion, which continued to wear the kilt of the 79th Tartan.
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    Thank you Richard

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    Thank you Clive

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    The 10th Battalion, The Black Watch did not serve overseas. See below for its service.

    50th (Holding) Battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)

    The battalion was formed from the No. 1 Holding Battalion at Broughty Ferry on May 28th, 1940. It was renumbered as the 10th Battalion on October 9th, 1940. It moved to Brechin by January 1st, 1941.

    227th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) 4 March 1941 to 18 November 1942
    The battalion was located at Thurso on April 1st, 1941.

    46th Infantry Brigade – 19 November 1942 to 27 December 1942
    45th Infantry Brigade – 27 December 1942 to 21 July 1944
    144th Infantry Brigade – 21 July 1944 to 31 August 1945
    It served under the 46th, 45th, and 144th Brigades in the United Kingdom as a training battalion for the provision of overseas reinforcements.
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    Thanks David, that clears that up.
    I'll have another word when I see him, obviously got the bn mixed up.
    Which Black Watch bn, if any, went to North Africa November 1942?

  8. Drew5233

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    1, 2, 5 and 7th Battalions were in the CMEF in 1942
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    Thanks a lot Cee, that's very useful.
    I will interrogate him again when I see him :biggrin:

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    I have the regiments history upstairs if you can be more specific.

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