10th Hussars War Diary 1940

Discussion in '1940' started by Oldleg, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Does anyone have a copy of the war diaries for the 10th Hussars for May and June 1940 that I could have by any chance?
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    They are in the National Archives at WO 167/446. Andy has them and I think he's published extracts on here, but don't hold your breath, they don't amount to a great deal and they're not originals as the Regiment destroyed all paperwork during their retreat. The subsequent 'war diary' was rewritten as was the Regimental History after the war by a group of serving officers on a committee.

    I'll have a dig round as Andy has sent me them and I think also the archives of both the Hussars Museum in Winchester and the Tank Museum at Bovington hold copies. I have done quite a bit of research on a particular Trooper and have amassed a fair amount of information from that period.
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    Hi Oldleg,

    I have the War Diary, you research a few things in particular on the area of Lyons La Foret?
    give me your Email in MP

    best regards

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    If still needed I have a transcribed version of the 10th Hussars war diary. You can start a conversation and provide your email and I can send a link to download them.
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