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    Looking for information on the 10th Survey Regiment, as of D-Day. In particular, information about my grandfather. I've downloaded the service records request forms but the MOD site seems to indicate that can take a while.

    Here is the information I have now:

    Arnold Bourne
    DOB 1924-01-29
    Service # 14319849
    10th Survey Regiment

    From a whole lot of googling and trying to understand how things are organized, I've put this together but not sure if its correct:

    10th Survey Regiment
    8th Army Group Royal Artillery
    VIII Corps (Lt Gen Sir Richard O'Connor)
    2nd British Army

    I seem to recall him mentioning that he was on Gold Beach, but can't remember. I also THINK I found at some point that he was on Sound Ranging Troop B but can't confirm that, either.

    I also have information on a John Henry Ainsworth who was also in the 10th Survey Regiment, which I had previously used as a google search for info on the regiment but not finding much anymore.

    I DID manage to get his medals from the MOD about 6 months before he died a couple years ago. He had finished his time, turned in his stuff and never looked back. He kept nothing but a couple photos. He never bothered with the medals. He seemed pretty happy to get them so many years later. I have to wonder if he had no idea the significance of what he had taken part in at the time.

    Anyway, if any of you can set me straight on the correct... uh... "groupings" that he would have been a part of (I really don't have a clue when it comes to military hierarchy) I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
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    Here's a photo.

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    Quick answer,

    10th Survey Regiment was a VIII Corps unit. It did not land on D Day but it is always possible that individuals might for various reasons.

    Landing after D Day would be on Gold or Juno, with Gold (including Mulberry Harbour) as the most likely.

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    Sound Ranging Troop (B troop)

    The sound ranging troop was similar in deployment and operation to the flash spotting troop. It deployed a line of microphones across the divisional front. These were connected to a pen recorder in the plotting centre. It was not practical to have the recorders running continuously so they were switched on when the advanced post reported hearing firing. Each microphone then picked up the sound and transmitted it to the plotting centre recorders. The bearing of the gun could be deduced by the differing times at which the sound was recorded. The recording film could also show the sound from the shell exploding and this gave the time of flight and thus the range. Variations in the recorded patterns could also tell the type of gun and its calibre.

    All information had to be adjusted for wind and temperature which affected the time taken for sound to travel through the air. This explains the presence of the RAF meteorological section.

    The signals were transmitted from the microphones to the recorder by wireless. This was a modified Wireless set No11 which was no longer in general use. It was a sender, or transmitter, located at each microphone and each operated on a separate frequency. At the plotting centre each transmitter had a R105 receiver tuned to the frequency of the transmitter to which it was working. Line communication was needed so that the advanced posts could give the signal to turn on the recorders. This system could link five microphones to the recorder. It took some time to establish a complete network.

    Information was processed by using the plotting board, and ranges were worked out using a mechanical computer.

    10 survey.jpg

    Members of 10 Survey Regiment, Normandy, July 1944.

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    I have just seen your message, my Grandad was in the same regiment, he passed away last week and I I have been looking up his service history.
    He landed on Sword Beach and we returned there in 2011 which was an amazing and very emotional time. Is it possible your grandfather was on Sword beach too?
    His name was Bert Weeks
    DOB 31/05/1924
    Service number: 14324518
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    My Grandad was also in 10th Survey Reg - Gerald Hiller SN 14288466.

    He was wounded on 26/04/45 I think in Issenstedt according to the Pegasus archive... still investigating and requesting full war records

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