14 May 1943 - AHS Centaur Sunk

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    And why are there no photographs of the wreck and why can't it be explored? that is the question.
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    As to why it cannot be explored, I would imagine it's because the CENTAUR wreck site has been marked as a war grave and protected with a navigational exclusion zone under the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976.
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    The website does state,

    Now that the wreck is found, it will be protected by the Australian government’s Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976. The site will therefore become a memorial to the lives that were lost.

    So you were perfectly correct with your assumption.

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    My granddad's ship, the Cambridge, comes under that act but I've got pictures of the wreck that can be found online (in 60m so not a regular dive).

    Are there special considerations that occur or were those commisioned to be taken...?

    It's been a while since I read the article but I don't remember restrictions other than not going into the wreck - there was one death when she was lost (the ship's carpenter - forgot his wallet and went back to get it but was never seen again, so the article recounted, iirc).

    It may be possible to "see" the wreck - "look" but don't touch... not sure of the rules...
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    Wow, she's two klics down... a bit more than a regular dive...
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    They still havent fully disclosed what her cargo manifest was. The RAN has checked her out.
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    Last survivor of the sinking of the Centaur passes away.

    (Please note I am just pasting this in - I did not know the man myself)


    It is with great regret I pass this message on, I knew Martin. Our family has history with the Centaur as my Grandmother's Fiancée was killed on the Centaur when it was sunk by a Japanese sub.

    'Dear Centaur Family,

    With regret I have to announce the passing of Martin Pash at Heidelberg Repat Hospital, Melbourne. The old mariner slipped his moorings at 1.30am this morning.

    Martin had had a fall about three weeks ago sustaining a fractured vertebra in his neck and head injuries. He was admitted to the Alfred Hospital where he suffered a heart attack. Robert Winther, Veterans Liaison at Heidelberg, was able to arrange for his transfer to that hospital where Martin is well known and where the Centaur features so prominently.

    Since the fall happened in a public place there will need to be a coronial enquiry so it may be some little time before the funeral can take place. A Service will be held in the Chapel in the Centaur Wing of Heidelberg Hospital. I will let you all know of details as they come in.

    Martin had no family that we know of, and considered the Association as his family, and of course Billie who was his constant companion. It was probably Billie's care that enabled him to lead as active a life as he did until his fall. We would like as many people as are likely to be in the vicinity to attend to honour Martin and support Billie.


    Jan Thomas OAM
    2/3 AHS Centaur Association Inc.


    This was followed by a submission from a young RAN AB -

    A very kind man, I had the pleasure to accompany and look after him while he spent time on MANOORA for the Centaur memorial service. He loved the stories, and always cracked a great joke. May he now rest in peace.

    Fair winds and a Following Sea

    Lest We Forget
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    I grew up just around the corner from the "Repat" and don't live far away now.

    Dad was in the "Duckboards" there in April/May 1941 recuperating from his injuries at Tobruk.

    I will try and get there for the service.
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    Last survivor of the sinking of the Centaur passes away

    Obituary from the QLD newspaper:

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