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    Thanks for posting the photos.
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    Hello Andy and welcome to the forum.
    Some lovely photos-thanks for posting

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    Any chance you could give me a back ground into the Regiment and their time in India from June 1944 onwards? Thanks!
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    You'd probably be better off getting a copy of the book 'The History of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment by C N Barclay' as there's over 20 pages on what they were doing. There's even a picture of what looks like the same model of Japanese tank you posted. I think you can get copies for under £20 from Abebooks - Get an original copy though rather than a Naval and Military reprint.

    If you'd like even more detail here are the units war diary refs at Kew:

    WO 172/700 146 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps 1942 June - Dec.
    WO 172/2261 146 Army Tank Regiment 1943 Jan.- Mar.
    WO 172/4598 146 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps 1944 Oct.
    WO 172/7343 146 Royal Armoured Corps 1944 Nov.- 1945 Dec.
    WO 172/10050 146 R.A.C.1946 Jan.- July

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    Cheers that helps a lot! Thank you!
  6. Hi

    I'm new so sorry for any misposting. My grandfather, Benjamin Aldridge, was a tank driver with the RAC, based in Poona about 1944. So far, what research I've done has suggested he was with 146th Regiment RAC. Owing to a huge family disagreement a few years ago, all his personal effects, including his cap badge and any details of his service, disappeared without a trace. Finding him has become a labour of love but I have now hit a brick wall. He only ever talked about driving Matilda and Valentine tanks so I'm assuming he never graduated to the Grant or saw much action in Burma. Can anybody help?
  7. Does anyone know if there is a published unit history of 146 RAC?
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    I know this question was posted a few yrs ago and not sure if this is what it is referring to but have just come across something that might assist. A squadron 146 RAC late 1944/5 all Grant tanks with number name and commander.

    25126 'Adept' - Maj Bucknell
    24396 'Ava Duffy' Lt Buckley
    25255 'Aldwark' Sgt Birkbeck
    25252 'Alne' L/Sgt Gameson
    24846 'Ariel` Capt E L Richards
    24995 'Askerne' Lt W P Buckland
    24603 'Aislabi' Sgt Pratt
    25111 'Arthington' Cpl Brennan
    2516(8)1 'Artful' Capt A Girling
    24859 'Alert' Lt J R Carey
    25137 'Assult' Sgt Ardern
    24582 'Alarm' L/Sgt Walker
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    I've been researching 146 Regt RAC along with the other armoured units both British and Indian that served in Burma for some time but I've not come across that level of detail before! I was wondering where you came across this information?

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    Hi Peter

    well my grandfather was in 146 RAC, A squadron to start with and then C squadron. I have been researching his time with them ... still early days and I’m learning all the time. I found it in the war diary for the regiment. It’s for early 1945 when A squadron were involved in operation Matador on Ramree island. Sadly my GF had moved to C squadron 6 months before. I took a quick snap of the info. When I get home I’ll try and find it. If Incan help with anything else let me know. I’m no expert but happy to share what I know.
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    If you find anything on A Sqn in Medan on Sumatra I sure will be interested:D
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    I didn't have time to look, I only found he diary towards the end of the day and had just a few min to flick through... there may be some, next time I go to the national archive I'm going to take a better look.
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    IMG_5535.jpg IMG_5536.jpg
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    Many thanks for getting back to me and posting the source pages from the War Diary. I am sure I will have more questions if you don't mind but in the meantime here's a less well known photo of a Grant tank of 146th Regt RAC. I'm fairly sure it carries a name under the vision port on the right (as viewed) but it's too indistinct to make out. Pete. SE3748 possibly.jpg
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    Wow great picture !! my goal, is to find one of the valentines of the regiment pre Grant/Lees though no sign joy so far. My GF was in C Squadron at the time of the change, A and B warns got grants and C Lees so would love to find a Lee Pic from 146.
    until very very recently all I had of my grandfather was the picture I use on my profile here, a couple of cloth badges, some ID cards pre India and his shaving mirror and cig case form India. then my aunt found a box of stuff as she was having a clean out. lots of misc family stuff but also some more of my `gf things.

    2x diaries, one covering his voyage to India and one for his first year there.
    A photo album with half a dozen pictures of him for recruitment to after the war.
    His pay book
    Some Air graphs
    and. a dosen sketches, cards he drew and sent home.

    If any sounds interesting happy to share.
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    Not sure if these are relevant but they are of 146 RAC with armoured cars. Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 17.40.23.png Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 21.45.02.png
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    Hi James, I’m new to this site so not an expert! Always knew my Grandad served in RAC in India & Burma; but found his wartime photo album yesterday - very exciting. I’m trying to piece together exactly which unit he served in. I’m thinking 146 B Squadron? The tank pictures he has look like a Valentine, a Grant and a Sherman. I’ll try to upload them so someone who knows more can check. The tank combo plus a pic of a sports team with B on their T-shirt’s makes me think it’s B squadron; but does anyone know how I can check?
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