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  1. airborne medic

    airborne medic Very Senior Member

    This regiment was converted from the 10th Hampshire Regiment.....I've just been given a veterans account, but was wondering if the guys wore the normal Hampshire Regt capbadge or did they wear the mailed fist of the RAC???

    Any thoughts welcomed.....in theory this question could also apply to the many other units who converted to RAC......
  2. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    They wore the RAC badge. I had a vet in a similar unit raised from the King's Own, and he confirmed they only wore RAC badges.
  3. Trooper Jim

    Trooper Jim Junior Member

    My grandfather served with the 147th regiment from august 1944 to 1945 i have pictures of him wearing the mailed fist badge with his tank, in fact my dad still has the beret. He was with the 153rd regiment RAC before but the in picture i have its not clear which badge they are wearing but they dont look like the mailed fist. I would be really interested to see a copy of your veterans account, maybe we could swop some stuff, i have a pile of documents on both regiments if your interested let me know.

  4. airborne medic

    airborne medic Very Senior Member

    Thanks guys...the vet in the 147 was Trooper Henry Allen....I am currently in Holland and will pm you next week......
  5. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    See my post about 9th Bn The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment / 162 Regt RAC.


    About a year after converting to 162 Regt RAC they were still wearing RWK cap badges. I remember him referring to being in the RWK’s, but never mentioned the RAC. In his possession were cap badges of KRRC, RWK and Recce Corps, in which he served, but no RAC badge.

  6. sol

    sol Very Senior Member

    According to Osprey 150th Regiment RAC (ex 10th York and Lancaster Regiment) in Burma wore their regimental badge on black beret just like 149th Regiment RAC (ex 7th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry). 116th Regiment RAC (ex 9th Gordon Highlanders), also in Burma, even wore tam o' shanter with Gordons Badge instead of black beret.
  7. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    Just going to resurrect this... anyone have any more information on their time in Normandy? I've read the 34 Tank Brigade history but more interested in 147's actions in July/August.

    I guess it'll be another Kew trip...
  8. chrisgrove

    chrisgrove Senior Member

    141 RAC, converted from 7 Buffs, wore the 'Faversham Flying Lizard' throughout. Furthermore, their numerous graves in CWGC cemeteries across NW Europe also show the dragon.


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