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    Does anyone have any information regarding the 16 Vehicle Coy RAOC, in terms of it's operation methods, deployment in the UK & overseas in 1944.
    Better still has anyone accessed or have access to their War Diaries?
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    I think I might have copied some extracts from the war diary. I’ll have a quick look tomorrow and let you know.


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    Hi Tom
    that would be great, look forward to reading them.


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    Hi John,

    I've got extracts (WO171/2791) from March 1944 to December 1944.The narrative covers details like this:

    1 July 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C
    Index 36244 moved to Marshalling Area. Serials 3642, 33038, disembarked France. Serials 36243, 33040 embarked.

    2 July 1944
    Vehicles of Index 36245 moved to Marshalling Area.

    3 July 1944
    Serials 36244, 36245 embarked. Serials 36243, 33039 disembarked France. Serials 33036, 33037 moved to Marshalling Area.

    4 July 1944
    [no entry]

    5 July 1944
    Serials 36244, 36245, 33040 disembarked France. Serials 33036, 33037 embarked.
    R.V.P. moved off to occupy allotted site in 30 Corps area but were returned by the AAQMG.

    6 July 1944

    Serials 33036, 33037 disembarked France.
    All Unit personnel, with the exception of 6 OR’s travelling with Cranes, now disembarked France.
    OC received instructions from COO 17 AOD to investigate fully the clearance of Vehicles from Beaches.

    7 July 1944
    Advance party of T.V.P. moved to Beaches.
    “B” Issue Pk formed.

    8 July 1944
    All Beaches taken over from 17 Veh Coy.
    R.V.P. again moved to new site allotted, & for the second time were refused by AAQMG.

    9 July 1944
    Instructions received to form 2nd Army Vehicle Pk.
    Sited at 3 Veh Pk: Major Saunders and Clerks of Vehicle Group proceeded to form this Pk.

    10 July 1944
    First mail addressed “BWEF” received, further improved morale.

    11 – 12 July 1944
    [no entries]

    13 July 1944
    T.V.P. closed down as “B” Issue Pk.
    Informed that all MT Ships will in future discharge on Mike Beach & all L.S.T’s will discharge on Mulberry Pier. Since this would necessitate special detachment of Dvrs to handle Vehicles coming off the Pier it was pointed out to Movement Control that it was essential a site be allotted near the Pier, as a Cushion Area for Reserve Veh’s, to reduce the number of Dvrs necessary to clear the Ships.

    14 July 1944
    3 Veh Pk opened as 2nd Army Vehicle Pk. It is considered that Issues to 2nd Army, previously carried out by the Veh Coy, may prove to be more than one Pk can cater for.

    15 July 1944

    [no entry]

    16 July 1944

    Suggested that T.V.P. be moved down to Beach area & control movement of Reserve Vehs from Beach to Assembly area, being essential that this control be local, to ensure employment of Dvrs according to loads. Also proposed that 2 Veh Pk be solely employed moving Reserve Vehs from Assembly areas to 17 Veh Coy.

    17 July 1944
    Agreed that proposed schemes be put into operation.
    Personnel accompanying Unit cranes arrived.

    18 July 1944
    Moved section of T.V.P. to Camp near L.S.T. Pier.

    19 July 1944
    Received Warning Order to establish Light ‘A’ Veh Pk.

    20 July 1944
    Establishment of new Light ‘A’ Veh Pk commenced.
    L.S.T. Pier opened.

    21 – 23 July 1944
    [no entry]

    24 July 1944
    Forced to accept transhipment area for Dukws at La Riviere as Veh Assembly Area, as road to previous area at Rabet impassable due to heavy rain.

    25 July 1944
    [no entry]

    26 July 1944
    Flying Officer Lunstrum RCAF landed by parachute in 2 veh Pk lines having baled out from Halifax Bomber.
    RAF Intelligence contact & advised: necessary action taken.
    Final arrangements made with 102 Beach Sub Area for La Riviere to become the permanent Reserve Veh Assembly Area. This area suitable only providing the flow of Vehicles reduces in accordance with future plan.

    27 July 1944

    [no entry]

    28 July 1944
    Vehicles & Tanks having to move at night from the Assembly Area, considerable trouble experienced due to Vehs running into ditches.

    29 July 1944
    T.V.P. moved to La Riviere. Assembly Area proving much too small for flow of Vehicles at present. Unable to disperse Vehicles & not sufficient room to marshal convoys.

    30 July 1944
    Mike & Nan Beaches shelled by enemy. Copy of Shelling Report as Appx A. Appx A
    T.V.P. moved HQ to La Riviere. Information received that all Equipment received under C460 (Re-equipment programme) would be beached at 2100 hours. Information proved incorrect.

    31 July 1944
    C460 Equipment commenced to beach. Arrangements made to marshal in Beach cushion area & ferry direct to new location.

    I didn't copy any of the Field Returns (if there are any in the file) which are the most likely source of information on personnel and then only officers and perhaps (if you are very lucky) senior NCOs.


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    Hi Tom
    interesting stuff, do you have any idea what the 'serials' are that keep being referred to?
    My father served with 16 Veh Coy/16 AOD from Dec 1943 to Aug 1945, landing in France on 03 Jul 1944, so any information you have on them during this period would be very enlightening for me, also any explanation regarding some of the terminology etc would be most useful.
    Best regards
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    Hi John,

    The references to Index/Serial Nos is, as far as I know, a reference to a serial number that each group of vehicles/personnel were arranged into for the trip over to Normandy (or wherever). They can be seen in many photographs of vehicles on passage or early in Normandy campaign. I suppose they were used by the Movement organisation as an administrative tool to make sure that the various groups into which large units were split were tracked during the passage.

    The various V.Ps are vehicle parks. TVP = TRANSIT. RVP = Returned.

    Please just shout if there are other abbreviations which are a mystery and I'll try to help.

    Here is the diary for March 1944:

    March 1944 H.Q. Veh Coy 16 A.O.D. R.A.O.C.

    Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C.

    1 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    Inspection of documentation by Major Nicolson of RAOC Records and found satisfactory.

    2 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    O.C. and 2 i/c returned from inspecting unit personnel on waterproofing course at RHYL.
    D-7 progress report on mobilisation submitted to Northern Comd.

    3 March 1944
    [no entry]

    4 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    Visit of D.O.S. 21 A.Gp. Large representative body of all Pks inspected. D.O.S. expressed his satisfaction of unit’s efficiency and smartness on parade.

    5 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    D-4 progress report on mobilisation submitted to Northern Comd.

    6 – 8 March 1944
    [no entries]

    9 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    D-day – date of completion of unit’s mobilisation. Satisfactory progress made; Pks almost complete to scale of equipt.

    10 – 15 March 1944
    [no entries]

    16 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    D+7 mobilisation progress report submitted to Northern Comd.

    17 – 19 March 1944
    [no entries]

    20 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    General unit policy and adm discussed in conferences with all Park Comds at HQ. Appx “A”

    21 March 1944
    [no entry]

    22 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    H.Q. PIAT training – fired on range with practice amn.

    23 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    2 i/c departed to make arrangements with V.R.D’s for unit personnel to undertake waterproofing of reserve of vehs for the assault.

    24 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    Returned Veh Pk inspected by Inspector, R.A.O.C.

    25 – 30 March 1944
    [no entries]

    31 March 1944 SHEPSHED
    Waterproofing of vehs in process. It is considered unsatisfactory that responsibility for the efficient waterproofing of the reserve of vehs seems to rest with the dvrs undertaking the job; there being no responsible officials in V.R.Ds to supervise the practical work of waterproofing.

    Appendix ‘A’

    Minutes of Conference of Park Comds at HQ Veh Coy at 1400 hrs 20 mar 44

    The following were present:-

    Lt. Col. E.L. Watson.
    Major C.W.P. Ibotson.
    Major C.T.C. Duncan.
    Capt. J.F. Gallichan.
    Capt. J.B. Fisher.
    Capt. J.R. Boardman.
    Capt. R.V. Kaufmann.
    Capt. D.V.O. Harrington.
    Lieut. E. Askwith.


    The OC stated that up to date, draft Standing Orders had only been received from 1 Pk, 2 Pk and RVP. Capt. Harrington for OC, TVP said he would look into the position and submit report. Lt. Jones for OC, 3VP stated these were in the course of preparation and would be fwd in the next few days. Capt. Boardman stated his were not yet completed.

    The OC explained that the orders circulated by HQ were based on headings suggested by Col. Arnold Edwards and were by no means complete. Pk Comds were to use these orders as a basis on which to compile complete and comprehensive orders to cover any contingency that might arise and upon which the whole administration of the Unit could function smoothly. Any suggestions or additions would be welcomed and should be included in the orders. Draft Orders to be submitted to HQ by the end of the week.


    The OC asked had Pk Comds prepared draft movement orders. These had not been done and the OC ordered that they will be prepared immediately and submitted to HQ. The OC instructed that the Movement Order would be such as to cover any move of the Unit, so that upon receipt of orders to move, it was simply a matter of detailing personnel to be responsible for certain laid down duties.

    2. (a) AF G1098
    The OC asked whether Pk Comds had started packing their G1098 stores.
    In all cases, except RVP, whose stores were just being received, a start had been made. The OC instructed that packing should be carried out as far as possible.
    It was pointed out by Lt. Askwith that a packing schedule was required by AOD, one copy to be in the case and one copy to be retained by Park. Lt. Askwith asked had all Pk Comds submitted deficiency lists for Pt. 1 of AF G1098. This had been done by all Pk Comds.
    The question of Motor Cyclists Kit was discussed and it was decided that Veh Gp kit would be distributed with the MC, ie, 2 to each Pk and Pk Comds were instructed to collect this kit at the conclusion of the conference.
    All Pks were in possession of their entitlement of pistols.
    Lt. Askwith asked had Pk Comds submitted deficiency lists for Sten and Bren spares. The OC instructed that if this had not been done, action would be taken immediately. AF G1098 amn was in the course of issue and all Pks would be completed in a short time.
    The OC instructed that all baggage would be marked by the end of this week.
    The OC informed Pk Comds that their present holding of nets camouflage was against the old AF G1098 and the increase would be supplied direct from DONNINGTON.

    (b) AF L1398
    The OC informed Pk Comds that the present position of the L1398 was that a revised AF L1398 was being prepared at CHILWELL but as yet had not been approved.
    However, as soon as definite infm is received, Pks will be informed as to whereabouts and arrangements made for Pk Comds to visit CHILWELL or wherever it is being assembled, to see the contents and become familiar with the pack [??].
    A similar visit will be arranged to DONNINGTON for the purpose of seeing AF G1098 stores, packed.


    Sheet 2.


    Lt. Jones for OC, 3VP stated that the regulations and publications were not completely amended. He was instructed by the OC to submit a report by the end of this week that all regulations and publications were amended up to date.

    Pk Comds were asked by the OC to report immediately if any further amendments were outstanding.

    3. (a) PROMOTIONS

    The question of promotion was discussed and the OC emphasized the necessity of submitting a report on personnel recommended by the Pk Senior NCO as well as a recommendation from the Pk Comd. There appeared to be quite a number of vacancies still to be filled and the OC instructed action to be taken to get these filled as soon as possible.

    The question of REME promotions was brought up and Major Ibotson informed Pk Comds that the matter was bing put up to AOD for a ruling and upon their reply Pks would be informed as to the action to be taken.

    The OC reiterated the previous instr on this matter which was that Pk Comds arrange their own upgrading tests for REME personnel. The reports from Pk Comds on this question were satisfactory.

    (c) COOKS N/T
    The OC stated that the adjustment of the various outstanding questions were the subject of a letter which had been sent out to the Pks concerned.

    (d) ‘A’ Veh Dvrs.
    The OC explained that the policy in respect to ‘A’ Veh Dvrs were, that in the ‘A’ Veh Pks ie, 1 and 4, the dvrs were to be 100% ‘A’ Veh Dvrs, and in the ‘B’ Veh Pks the endeavour was to get as many dvrs with a slight knowledge of ‘A’ Vehs (the minimum 50%), so that in the event of it becoming necessary for the Pks to hold mixed ‘A’ and ‘B’ Vehs, a transfer of personnel would not be necessary.
    The ideal objective of course was 100% ‘A’ Veh Dvrs but at the moment this is not possible. The present ‘A’ Veh Course was in the form of a refresher and it might be considered a waste of time by some of the personnel.
    This could not be help as these courses are being run on W.O. authy and mothering further could be done. However, arrangements are in hand for further primary courses to be held, which will be allocated accordingly. Requests have been submitted for advanced trg with RAC but these have been turned down.

    The OC said that every Unit Tpt Veh must have its own dvr who was to be completely responsible for that veh, its maintenance and Kit etc, Pk Comds would report that this had been done.
    OC 2 Veh Pk reported that his vehs had not yet been marked owing to difficulty in obtaining paint. The OC instructed that this was to be proceeded with immediately and to obtain the paint by local purchase or from HQ.

    The OC instructed that action would be taken immediately to effect the necessary modifications of Pk Vehs recently received and to complete any outstanding modifications on the old vehs.

    Pk Comds reported that the delay in completing was due to the non arrival of the required parts. The OC pointed out that there were two modifications to be effected and upon completion, report would be submitted to HQ.

    The OC instructed that action would be taken by Pk Comds to obtain the necessary spare wheels, tyres and tubes.

    5. AOD News
    The OC expressed his dissatisfaction at the lack of interest being displayed in support of “All Our Doings”. Contributions had been made each week by HQ but as yet, not a single effort had been submitted by Pks. This would be remedied and the OC hoped to see many contributions passed through HQ.


    (a) Technical
    The OC said that Pk Comds should make more endeavour to get men trained in Tyre Maintenance etc, in the VRDs and AFVDs.

    (b) Regimental
    The OC said that it was apparent that a lack of centralisation existed in HQ in respect of controlling range practices. The OC instructed Major Duncan that he would be responsible for the organisation of future range practices and that all Pks except 3 would be notified and arrangements made accordingly.
    The OC commented on the low figure of personnel of 3 VP who had fired the P.I.A.T. He instructed that arrangements be made immediately for further practices to be fired.

    7. The OC said that complaints had been made re convoys. In order that these could be taken up with Chilwell, it was necessary for a full report to be rendered when the complaint would be put forward.

    The conference ended at 16.45 hours.

    OC Transit Veh Pk.
    OC Veh Gp.
    OC Returned Veh Pk.
    OC 1 Veh Pk
    OC 2 Veh Pk
    OC 3 Veh Pk
    OC 4 Veh Pk
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    Hi Tom
    again many thanks. Do you know anymore regarding the waterproofing undertaken, my father did once mention, & as I recall it took place in a loch in Scotland?
    Also is there anyway of establishing exactly what vehicles they were handling, my father was a driver mechanic, & appears to have driven a huge range of vehicles from DUKW's to tanks.

    Best regards

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    Hi Tom
    I forgot to ask, are the March transcripts from the same document as the July ones?
  9. Tom OBrien

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    Hi John,

    Yes, all from WO171/2791. It looks like the waterproofing was conducted at a variety of VRD (Vehicle Reserve Depots - so basically big car parks full of spare/reserve vehicles). I'd looked at the war diary in the hope of finding more about vehicle types but I don't think there is anything specific. Just that the vehicle coy had parks for both 'A' and 'B' vehicles ('A' is all AFVs (so tanks, armoured cars, scout cars, etc) and 'B' is all the "soft-skin" stuff - lorries, cars, etc). AOD is Advanced Ordnance Depot (IIRC) which was basically the organisation which accepted all ordnance items on the other side of the Channel and then supplied it on request to formations and units.

    Here is April 1944:

    1 April 1944 SHEPSHED Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C.
    2nd Echelon Documentation commenced.

    2 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    2nd i/c returned from inspection of Waterproofing of reserve Vehicles, being undertaken by Unit personnel. Report as Appx “A”. Appx “A”

    3 April 1944
    [no entry]

    4 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Notification, of cancellation of leave w.e.f. midnight 5th April, received.

    5 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    OC proceeded to inspect Waterproofing Detachments at VRD’s.

    6 April 1944
    [no entry]

    7 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Major Thomas. Regtl. Major reported for Duty.

    8 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Lt. Luchon [??] reported for Duty with T.V.P.

    9 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Instructions received from 16 AOD, enclosing 21 Army Gp Orders to obtain Waterproofing Sets for OPERATIONS. Indents submitted direct to COD Chilwell. O i/c P2C.

    10 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Letter received from Leicester Sub-Dist. Regarding “OVERLORD”.
    Application made to 16 AOD for 8 copies of Pt 1 21 AG Administrative Order.

    11 – 12 April 1944
    [no entries]

    13 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    OC & 2 i/c with Regtl. Major, attended COO’s Conference.

    14 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Visit by District Supply Officer NOMDIST regarding indents for compo rations & filled jerricans, also 1st & 2nd Line Petrol. Instructions to obtain these are in 21 AG PA Pt 1. Copy of which has not yet been received by this Unit. HQ 16 AOD again reminded of this.
    0900 Instructions received to commenced Unit Censorship.
    0900 OC proceeded to visit OC Vehicle Coy 17 AOD.

    15 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Censorship Instructions to Parks.

    16 April 1944
    [no entry]

    17 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Conference of Park Commanders.

    18 April 1944
    [no entry]

    19 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    OC, 2 i/c & Regtl. Major visit to OO Mob. Donnington.

    20 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    All AF B178’s & I 5033’s to AOD.

    21 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    OC & 2 i/c proceed to inspect Detachments of Waterproofing. Some concern was expressed on the slow rate of progress but it was considered that the most essential part of Waterproofing was that the work must be done in the most thorough manner possible & speed must not be the primary factor.

    22 April 1944
    [no entry]

    23 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Receipt of 21 Army Group preparatory Admin Order Pt 1. Distributed to Parks on same day.

    24 – 25 April 1944
    [no entries]

    26 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    O.C. & 2 i/c proceeded to Donnington conference where further information was received on the operation role of this Unit. Instructions received to despatch 67 Dvrs to various AFV Depots. 2 Vehicle Park moved under canvas owing to lack of accommodation at 28 VRD.

    27 April 1944
    [no entry]

    28 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Capt. Kaufmann assumed command of 3 Veh Pk in place of Capt. Richards. Capt. Richards posted to 1 Veh Pk, this Officer not being considered suitable for command.

    29 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Conference of Pk Commanders to discuss operational role of the Company.

    30 April 1944 SHEPSHED
    Order received from HQ 16 AOD that personnel on Detachment Waterproofing reserve Vehicles would return on 4th May.
    Officers who have attended courses during month of April 1944.
    Nominal Roll as Appx “B”.

    Appendix “A”


    Appx “A” to War Diary for April 1944

    Extract from 16/V/S/14 1A dated 30 March 44.

    Subject: Waterproofing of Reserve B Vehicles.

    1. Major Ibotson has visited each VRD where the Waterproofing of reserve “B” Vehicles is to be undertaken. Information available is very meagre.

    2. O’s.C. VRD’s have merely received programme of Vehs to be W’proofed. These Offrs & O’sC (Chil) MT Gps concerned disclaim responsibility for supervision of the work stating that their responsibility ends in providing the reserve Vehs & storage of same after W’proofing.

    3. OC Veh Coy 5 AOD, in communication with DOS 21 Army Gp, through COO 15 AOD, has not received definite instructions. Pending such OC 15 Veh Coy is to carry out Stage “A” only. 16 Veh Coy to follow same lines.

    4. One Officer & 5 ORs, REME, originally to carry out supervision, not now arriving until middle of April. Meantime, one S/Sgt only available at each VRD, for supervision of W’proofing. This being inadequate.
    Officers and OR’s of this Unit have had only one weeks course on W’proofing.

    5. Programme set to be completed by end of May; considered not possible with the number of personnel. Delay may occur due to large number of Vehs having to be modified by REME.

    6. More definite instructions required:-
    (a) To what stage W’proofing is to be carried out.
    (b) Whether Vehs are to be waded, by Veh Coy personnel, after W’proofing.
    (c) Whether Veh Coy personnel are responsible for passing Vehs as fit after W’proofing.

    Extract from 16V/S/14 1A d/d 1st April 44.

    1. Major Ibotson visited MET3: information received from Major Riley DADMET.
    (a) Stage A only of W’proofing to be undertaken.
    (b) Vehicles will not be test waded.

    2. Certain items, not previously defined, now to be done:-
    (a) Vehs to be run 5 miles before & 5 miles after W’proofing, as a test.
    (b) All oil to be changed, where this has not previously been done.

    3. Not decided who is to be responsible for the above. Definite ruling required.

    4. Majority of Vehs are new & mileage run is very small: question of running in was discussed. No decision arrived at – assumed further running in before w’proofing will not be necessary.

    5. Agreed S/Sgt at each VRD was inadequate supervision but the Offrs & OR’s REME not available due to work of greater priority. Supply promised of 2 Sgts REME, skilled in W’proofing, for use at 21 & 19 VRD’s.

    6. Responsibility of Vey Coy personnel passing out Vehs as fit, without wading tests, agreed as unfair, but a careful check through process of W’proofing was a means to ensure that Veh was 100% fit. Offrs & NCO’s being instructed accordingly.

    7. Not possible to define Veh Coy responsibility in this matter as ME 13 is a Test Branch. Urge that a line should be drawn between Vey Coy & VRD.

    8. Reports received on personnel, results of courses attended, in W’proofing, are worded “Not capable of W’proofing unless under strict supervision” in many cases.
    Question of Responsibility to be clearly defined since in view of this lack of experience personnel cannot be regarded as experts.


    Appendix “B”


    Appx “B” to War Diary for April 1944

    Nominal Roll of Officers & Courses attended during the month of April 1944:

    124376 Major C.T.C. Duncan Camouflage Course, Farnham Castle, Farnham, Surrey, 3rd to 8th April 1944

    127885 Major G. Roberts "

    258785 Capt. G.L. Howlett "

    262009 Lieut. M.L. Morgan "

    285819 Lieut. Lockon “

    262029 Lieut. G.W. Waddy “

    276839 Lieut. J.R. Spedding “

    304839 2/Lieut. J. A. Brown “

    127885 Major G. Robers 13th Advanced WOO’s Course, Leicester 11th April 44.


  10. JCD

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    Hi Tom
    again thanks, more interesting info.
    My father did a waterproofing course for B vehicles in Feb 1944, although his work & knowledge was not confined to them, I know he also worked on & drove tanks, (he was punished for speeding in one!), & he have had experience on just about any vehicle used by the forces.

    It's a shame the diaries are a little vague, do you have any idea where the unit was based immediately prior to going to France?

    Also I didn't ask what is your particular interest in the unit?

  11. Tom OBrien

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    Hi John,

    Here are May and June from the war diary - same file (WO171/2791):

    1 May 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C
    Introduction of closed postal address.

    2 – 3 May 1944
    [no entries]

    4 May 1944
    Phone message received from AOD concerning 2 Veh Pk’s preparations for move to concentration area.
    Capt. Foster returned from Donnington liaison Duties.
    All personnel returned from Waterproofing Duties.

    5 May 1944
    2 Veh Pk visited & found in a satisfactory state of readiness to move.

    6 May 1944
    [no entry]

    7 May 1944
    Capt. Foster returned from 17 Veh Coy with orders concerning move to concentration area.
    Received message from 16 AOD, instructions that 2 Veh Pk be ready to move.

    8 May 1944
    Major Thomas proceeded to concentration area, on recce.
    Major Saunders with advance party from 2 Veh Pk proceeded to concentration area.

    9 May 1944
    Advice received from AOD of move to concentration area.
    2230 Movement Control advised of proposed move, & all details. No knowledge at District of move by 2 Veh Pk.

    10 May 1944
    Agreed details, with Movement Control, of movement of main body. Final confirmation received 1245 hrs.
    2245 HQ Group, TVP, 1 & 3 Veh Pks entrained at Loughborough.
    2300 4 Veh Pk entrained at Leicester.
    All unit vehicles moved into Shepshed.

    11 May 1944
    Main body arrived Billingshurst Station.
    1000 Vehicle Convoy departed Shepshed.
    1805 OC 2 Veh Pk reported to OC 17 Vehicle Coy Detachment.
    2330 2 Veh Pk received orders to move to concentration area immediately.

    12 May 1944
    Unit now working in close co-operation with 17 Veh Coy.

    13 – 16 May 1944
    [no entries]

    17 May 1944
    Commenced collection of Reserve Vehicles for taking overseas.

    18 May 1944
    Due to Depots reporting Vehicles not available, considerable difficulties experienced in arranging collection.
    1400 Rear party arrived from Shepshed.

    19 May 1944
    2 i/c visited several of the Depots from which Reserve Vehicles were to be collected & made arrangements for immediate collection of certain vehicles.

    20 May 1944
    Received from COO 17 A.O.D. Briefing Order.

    21 May 1944

    [no entry]

    22 May 1944
    Sherman Tanks collected, as Reserve Vehicles, from 6 AFV Depot were without kits & load carriers had to be detailed to collect these. The kits were received in a very bad condition.

    23 May 1944
    DADOS ARG inspected Reserve Tanks & stated that all kits should be packed in small cases & stowed in Tanks in accordance with an agreed procedure: Details of this procedure were not known within this Unit.

    24 May 1944
    DDOS MT 21 AG visited Unit & Reserve Vehicle Park, investigated state of Tank kits & agreed that these kits should be packed in accordance with new procedure, before collection from AFV Depots.

    25 May 1944
    Special cases collected, & personnel working on repacking of Tank kits in accordance with new procedure. None of this work would have been necessary if AFV Depot had been correctly instructed in the first place.

    26 May 1944
    Considerable difficulty experienced in finding sufficient Unit Vehicles for work necessary in collection of Stores etc for preparation of Reserve Vehicles. Instructions having been received that certain vehicles should be Waterproofed, these Vehicles were out of action.
    Arrival commenced of stores for loading into Reserve Vehicles, including 100 17 Pdr Gun Barrels, all of which had to be loaded by Unit personnel, contrary to original instruction that loading would be Veh Coy responsibility.

    27 May 1944

    [no entry]

    28 May 1944

    A very large number of Reserve Vehicles still not available for collection from Depots. If these have to be collected at the last minute it is considered the strain on the Vehicle Coy will be too great.
    Received amendment to W.E. authorising replacement of six Veh. Mechs by the following REME personnel:
    Blacksmiths 2. Carpenters 2.
    Coach Trimmer 1. Welder (Acet. & Elec.) 1.
    While the new tradesmen will be of use to the Unit, the Six Veh Mechs would be of far more use to a Veh Coy.

    29 – 31 May 1944
    [no entries]

    1 June 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C
    [no entry]

    2 June 1944
    Considerable delay in collection of Reserve A Vehs due to shortage of kits & collection of B Vehs due to Waterproofing.
    2 i/c visited 6 AFV Depot Slough with view to urging fwd issues.

    3 June 1944
    1 Officer, 11 OR’s, with certain Reserve Vehicles reported from 2 Veh Pk Detachment to Main Party in accordance with change in Staff Tables.

    4 June 1944
    [no entry]

    5 June 1944
    Reported to BUCO EXFOR, Unit ready to move.

    6 June 1944
    [no entry]

    7 June 1944
    DOS visited Unit & inspected Reserve Vehicles Pk.
    Receipt of Order of Priority of Phasing of Reserve Vehs.

    8 June 1944
    [no entry]

    9 June 1944
    Three Cranes received. 1 Morris 5 ton, 2 Coles Utility 3 ton. These are not considered suitable types for working under Field conditions.

    10 June 1944
    Still deficient considerable number Reserve A Vehs, present holdings reported to 21 A.G.
    OC visited 2nd Army in connection with message received that certain Sherman Vc will be taken overseas unwaterproofed & a request that the day these were to be taken should be notified to BUCO immediately. Agreed that it is impossible to give this information until further details are received in connection with the receipt of these Tanks.

    11 – 12 June 1944
    [no entries]

    13 June 1944
    Phoned 6 MT Group pointing out that no satisfaction could be had from 6 AFV Depot as to when Tanks would be available, almost every promise made by them now broken. Special arrangements made to collect 22 Shermans unwaterproofed direct from Works and for 6 AFV to send kits to this Unit’s address by 1400 hrs 14 June.

    14 June 1944
    2 Veh Pk received instructions to proceed overseas.
    Advised by 6 AFV Depot that in spite of promises the kits for the 22 Shermans would not be ready. Agreed to send 12 men on 15th June to help to prepare kits, this offer was accepted. Advised ADOS of complete tank position pointing out how unsatisfactory it was since no information could be obtained from 6 AFV as to when the balance of Tanks would be available.
    2300 One Sherman in Convoy failed to turn at bend in the Road at T Junction of Dorking, Horsham, Guildford road in [??], overturned into Pond.
    2330 Another Sherman at the same place involved in accident with another WO Vehicle resulting in Gun turret rotating and causing very serious injuries to one of the occupants.

    15 June 1944
    Sent Drivers to collect further [??] Vehs from 6 AFV in accordance with arrangements made previously, but experienced the usual delays when kits not ready or Vehs not available.
    1900 Received orders from 21 AG to slightly alter phasing programme bringing forward Daimler Scout Cars in preference to Humber Scout Cars.
    2230 Portion of Sherman Kits arrived & it was reported that balance still not ready; some men left behind to help the Depot personnel in Kit Store.
    Reserve Vehs still not available are 6 Sherman I or Vc, 6, 6 M10 17 Pdr, 2 Crusader Tower, 1 Armd Car Humber IV, all from 6 AFV Depot; 2 M7 from 19 AFV.
    Section of the Unit moved to Marshalling Area.

    16 June 1944
    Major Roberts oc TVP admitted to No. 9 Canadian Gen Hospital Horsham.
    2130 Message received from No.9 Canadian Gen Hospital that injuries sustained by 131716 Pte Bishop CEG at 2330 hrs 14th June, had proved fatal. Pte Bishop died at 2050 hrs.

    17 June 1944
    Enemy pilotless Plane exploded within 200 yds of Reserve Vehicle Pk. No damage to WD property, nor injury to personnel.

    18 June 1944
    Lieut. Wright admitted No.9 Canadian Gen Hospital with broken leg sustained in accident whilst riding WD Motor Cycle 4636763.
    Section of Unit arrived Embarkation Area.

    19 June 1944
    Orders collected 1400 hrs for movement of index 36241 A.
    2 M10’s collected from 6 AFV Depot. Advised balance of 4 not available until 1930 hrs; at this time only two were reported ready, remaining two expected to be completed 20th.
    Orders given for two ready at 1930 hrs to leave first light 20th.
    Section of Unit Embarked for overseas.

    20 June 1944
    [no entry]

    21 June 1944
    Convoy for Index No36242 moved off from S.P. for Marshall. Area.
    0820 Two Daimler Scout Cars failed to start at S.P. These were immediately replaced by two of convoy for Index 36245.
    1225 20 Tanks of Index No. 36243 passed S.P. One Sherman Vc broke down almost immediately. This Tank was recovered & a Sherman III despatched to replace it.
    2300 Report received from Marshalling Area that Sherman RAOP had been involved in an accident. Engine condemned by REME.

    22 June 1944
    Sherman III sent to Marshalling Area to replace damaged Sherman RAOP.
    Collected from 17 AFV Depot two Sherman III to make up strength of Tanks, due to failure of two tanks on previous days. One of two Daimlers which failed previous day repaired, the other exchanged.

    23 June 1944
    Section of Unit disembarked overseas.

    24 – 25 June 1944
    [no entries]

    26 June 1944
    Message received to collect Orders for the movement overseas of Index No’s 33037, 33038, 33039.

    27 June 1944
    Message received to collect Orders for the movement of Index No. 33040 overseas.

    28 June 1944
    Convoy including Vehs in Index No’s 33037, 33038, 33039 moved off to Marshalling Area.
    2200 Message received from Sussex District changing move of Index 33040 from 29th June to 30 June.
    Moved remainder of TVP & RVP to Newpound Camp and closed down [??] Camp.

    29 June 1944
    Received message to collect instructions for movement overseas of Index No. 36244.

    30 June 1944
    Convoy including Vehs for Index No. 33040 moved off to Marshalling Area.
    Received instructions to collect Orders for movement overseas of Index No. 36245.
    Two sections of Unit embarked for overseas.

    My interest in the unit was to see what details the diary contained about the transfer of reserve vehicles to Continent during 1944 and to see whether there was any detail on shortages of any particular types. I didn't find them particularly enlightening but hopefully the details give you some idea of your father's activities.


  12. JCD

    JCD Member

    Hi Tom
    it would appear that my father wasn't alone in speeding in the vehicles!
    The funny thing is I grew up in Sussex & lived close to all of the places mentioned, & yet my father never said that he had been there during the war!
    Do you know of any source that might give more specific details of where the were actually camped?
    Best regards
  13. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi John,

    I expect that there would be more information in the war diary of 16 AOD - but the diaries are always a bit hit and miss. Some contain stacks of interesting detail, others give only the briefest description.

    Here is the diary for August 1944.

    1 August 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C
    [no entry]

    2 August 1944
    Considerable damage, due to Enemy Mines, to Lorry 10 ton 6x4 GS Mack, whilst being recovered from field adjoining the new Vehicle Park of the main Assembly Area at La Riviere. One OR slightly injured.

    3 August 1944
    Warning Order received for the movement of 2 Vehicle Park to new location.
    Capt. O.A. Richards posted from 1 Veh Pk.

    4 August 1944
    Col. Baird arrived from War Office to investigate the condition of Reserve Vehicles arriving in the Theatre, with particular attention to the kits.

    5 August 1944
    Lt. W.A.G. Edom reported for Duty at 1 Vehicle Park & Lt. A.J.M. Tweedie reported for Duty at Transit Vehicle Park.
    Order received for the movement of 2 Vehicle Park to new location at La Buhannerie: map ref 785855 sheet 7E5.

    6 August 1944
    Movement of 2 Vehicle Park to new location completed.
    Returned Vehicle Park moved to new location map. ref. 810753 Sheet 7F1 to commence operating at R.V.P.

    7 August 1944
    [no entry]

    8 August 1944
    Further investigations by Col. Baird. Decided that the Kits of certain “B” Vehicles & Light “A” Vehs should be despatched from the UK in bulk. The object being to prevent pilfering during Transit. The vehicles involved being:- “A” Vehs Carriers & Scout Cars (NOT Armoured Cars); “B” Vehs Dukws, International Half Tracks, White Personnel Cars.

    9 – 10 August 1944
    [no entries]

    11 August 1944
    Enemy shelling of Mike Beach & the Assembly Area at La Riviere. Shelling Report, copy as appx “A” submitted by O.C. Transit Vehicle Park.
    First issues made by 2 Vehicle Park at new location.

    12 August 1944
    [no entry]

    13 August 1944
    Returned Vehicle Park now working to proper procedure.
    A number of fit “A” Vehicles received.

    14 August 1944
    Enemy shelling of Mike Beach & Area. Shelling report, copy as appx “B” submitted by OC Transit Vehicle Park.

    15 August 1944
    Enemy shelling of Mike Beach & area. Shelling report, copy as appx “C” submitted by OC Transit Vehicle Park.
    Advice received from DDOS 21 Army Group that no further Reserve Vehs would be arriving at the LST Pier at St. Come.
    Warning received that there is a risk of enemy landings by Sea or Air. Guards increased and arrangements made to cope with this contingency.

    16 August 1944
    Enemy shelling of Mike Beach & Area. Shelling report, copy as appx “D”, submitted by OC Transit Vehicle Park.
    Orders issued for the movement of the detachment of Transit Vehicle Park from St. Come de Fresne to Rabat Assembly Area, on 17th.

    17 August 1944
    Detachment of TVP moved from St Come to Rabat Assembly Area.
    DDOS (MT) 21 Army Group visited Returned Vehicle Park.

    18 August 1944
    State of emergency in accordance with warning received on 15th now terminated.

    19 August 1944
    OC advanced HQ at 2nd Army Veh. Pk. attended conference with DDOS 2nd Army, & a recce of the new location was carried out.

    20 August 1944
    “A” Vehicles surplus to Unit requirements still continue to arrive in Returned Vehicle Park despite contrary instructions by 21 Army Gp.

    21 August 1944
    2nd Army Veh Pk commenced movement.

    22 – 24 August 1944
    [no entries]

    25 August 1944
    Movement completed of 2nd Army Veh Pk to map ref 073344 sheet 7F6.

    26 August 1944
    [no entry]

    27 August 1944
    2nd Army Veh Pk commenced further move to Gacè, Sheet 8F6.
    Col. Lambert COO arrived from UK for visit to the AOD.

    28 August 1944
    Order received from 21 Army Gp for movement of HQ to Juno area.

    29 August 1944
    [no entry]

    30 August 1944
    Movement completed of 2nd Army Veh Pk to Gacè: Sheet 8F6.
    Drivers of 15 Veh Coy took over from personnel of 14 Veh Coy duties of ferrying Vehicles from between La Riviere & Rabat to 17 Veh Coy.

    31 August 1944
    Col. Lambert C.O.O. 6 A.O.D. departed for UK after visit to the AOD.
    Movement cancelled of HQ to Juno area.
    2nd Army Veh Pk commenced movement to area between Longons & Beauvais Sheet 10E5.

    Appendix “A”
    Copy of Shelrep. Appx. “A” to War Diary for August 1944
    From; Transit Vehicle Park. 111100 B.
    To: H.Q. 16 Vehicle Coy.

    R10. SHELREP. A 0500. B 0540. C 928865 and 949862. D La Riviere and mike beach. E large calibre long range. F one la riviere one mike many in surrounding area. G one 5cwt 4 x 4 amphibious, two tractor FA morris severe. One tractor arty slight WD numbers follow.

    Signed. G. Roberts. Major.


    Appendix “B”

    Copy of Shelrep. Appx. “B” to War Diary for August 1944
    From; Transit Vehicle Park. 140900 B.
    To: H.Q. 16 Vehicle Coy.

    R1. SHELREP. A 0515. B 0546. C 952861 and 928865. D 9080. E large calibre long range. F 18 HE and shrapnel three minute intervals. G nil.

    Signed. G. Roberts. Major.

    Appendix “D”

    Copy of Shelrep. Appx. “D” to War Diary for August 1944

    From; Transit Vehicle Park. 161030 B.
    To: H.Q. 16 Vehicle Coy.

    R1. SHELREP. A 0308. B 0436. C 952861 and 928865. D 9080. E large calibre long range. F 16.
    G nil.

    Signed. G. Roberts. Major.


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  14. JCD

    JCD Member

    Hi Tom
    yes the diaries do seem to be a bit hit & miss. The problem with my research into my father was is that it has been very hard to establish exactly what part of the organisation he was assigned to, so I have a list of 7 diaries that might be relevant. The next to look at is the 16 AOD, if I can ever get to Richmond, which is proving particularly difficult at the moment. Shame that they don't release more digitised versions, but unfortunately none of those on my list have been digitised.
    Along with 16 AOD there are also separate diaries for each of the Parks.
    The confusion with my father is that on his personal records from Dec 1943 his unit is recorded as 16 Veh Coy, this changes to 16 AOD in Feb 1944. I assumed that this was the same unit, however as there seems to be separate diaries for each of those identified I am slightly confused as to the exact hierarchy used within the setup.
    Having said that there are certainly entries in the information you have provided that tally with his personnal records.
    So it is all adding to the picture.
    In terms of your own research, I don't know if there is anything relevant in it, but have you read '21 Ordnance Group - The History of the Campaign'?

    Best regards

  15. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi John,

    My understanding is that 16 Vehicle Company was a constituent unit of 16 AOD in the UK, but see below for plans for a re-organisation noted on 5 Sep 44.

    Here is the war diary for 16 Veh Coy for Sep 44 (same reference as before):

    1 – 2 September 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.L. Watson R.A.O.C
    [no entries]

    3 September 1944
    D.M.E. 21 Army Group visited Returned Veh Pk and expressed concern at the totally inadequate personnel strength available and stated that he would take up the matter with the D.O.S. to enable a certain amount of maintenance of ‘Z’ vehs and armaments to be undertaken.
    1430 All Offrs, Warrant Offrs and Staff Sgts of the coy proceeded to HQ 17 AOD where an address was given by the DOS 21 Army Group. He expressed his sincere appreciation and thanks for the magnificent job done by personnel of 17 AOD and 16 AOD during the initial stages of the operation. He also stated that 16 AOD would in the very near future adopt a new role in helping 14 AOD to establish a permanent Ordnance Depot in the vicinity of AUDRIEU, but he promised that 16 AOD would retain its identity.

    4 September 1944
    Instrs received from DOS 21 Army Group that wef 8 Sept 44, 16 Veh Coy less 1, 2, 3 and 4 Veh Pks would come under the command of OC 14 Veh Coy. 1, 2 and 4 Veh Pks would remain attached to 17 Veh Coy and 3 Veh Pk would remain SECOND ARMY.

    5 September 1944
    Instr received from DOS 21 Army Group to move to JUNO area.

    6 September 1944
    Clarification of instr received on 4th regarding Veh Coy policy received. 1, 2 and 4 Veh Pks to remain under TECHNICAL control of 17 Veh Coy and 3 Veh Pk under TECHNICAL control of SECOND ARMY.

    7 September 1944
    [no entry]

    8 September 1944
    HQ move to new location complete. Location now Map Ref 919858.
    Defence Scheme submitted by Returned Veh Pk. Appx A

    9 – 10 September 1944
    [no entries]

    11 September 1944
    Additional recovery sections REME attached to Returned Veh Pk to remove vehs to beaches for evacuation to UK. An alteration by REME of classification caused a great deal of additional work.

    12 September 1944
    20 POW arrived Returned Veh Pk for work in Pk.

    13 September 1944
    Difficulty experienced in obtaining ammunition personnel for clearance of tks in Returned Veh Pk.

    14 September 1944
    Authority received to despatch tks to Cushion area from Returned Veh Pk with ammunition to stop tpt hold up.

    15 September 1944
    [no entry]

    16 September 1944
    An accident occurred in Returned Veh Pk when a 75 mm gun was discharged. A Cpl of RCEME was injured.

    17 September 1944
    A visit was paid to Returned Veh Pk by Brigadier Ince deputy Comd HQ L of C and Brigadier Cook i/c Adm. Order was given that all jerricans on vehs were to be removed and to await disposal instr.
    Major C.W.P. Ibotson posted to 37 R.H.U.

    18 – 19 September 1944
    [no entries]

    20 September 1944
    A phosphorous bomb went off in Returned Veh Pk. The fire was rapidly dealt with and no damage caused.
    Lt. Col. E.L. Watson was posted to 37 R.H.U.

    21 – 25 September 1944
    [no entries]

    26 September 1944
    Instr received by OC 2 Veh Pk that wef 30 Sept 44 2 Veh Pk would cease to come under technical control of 17 Veh Coy, and remaining stock vehs be transferred to 17 Veh Coy forthwith.

    27 September 1944
    [no entry]

    28 September 1944
    OC 2 Veh Pk received instr from OC 14 Veh Coy to move to new location map ref 913682 to establish L of C Sub Pk there.

    29 – 30 September 1944
    [no entries]

    Does your father's unit change again during Sep 44?


  16. JCD

    JCD Member

    Hi Tom
    more interesting info. As far as my father' s unit there does not appear to be any change; apart from odd differences in the way it's recorded, initially in Dec 43 as 16 Veh Coy or 16 Veh Coy (AOD), until Feb 44 when it's just 16 AOD, which it remains until Jul 45 when he is transferred to 302 EADCU.
  17. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi John,

    And here is the rest of the war diary for 1944 (WO171/2791) which is all I have for this unit. I've got some of the diary for 21 Army Group Ordnance Branch I think. I'll take a look and see if there are any references to 16 AOD or 16 Vehicle Company in particular.

    1 October 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J. Snowball
    [no entry]

    2 October 1944
    TVP moved location from LA RIVIERE to ST COME DE FRESNE.
    1700 2 VP moved location.
    Lt Col Grover visited RVP and the question of winter quarters was discussed.

    3 October 1944
    [no entry]

    4 October 1944
    RVP report large numbers of requests still being made for spares and also wheel assemblies for making trailers. Owing to shortage of certain types of spares a number of callers are being sent here by DADOS Sub Area.

    5 October 1944
    Work hampered on RVP by torrential rain.

    6 October 1944
    RVP made tentative enquiries for winter quarters but without success.

    7 October 1944
    OC 2 Veh Pk received instr from DOS 21 Army Group that 2 Veh Pk would be established as L of C Veh Pk wef 0001 hrs 7 Oct 44 under direct control of HQ L of C.

    8 October 1944
    [no entry]

    9 October 1944
    OC 2 Veh Pk proceeded for conference with DDOS L of C.

    10 October 1944
    RVP Gun Pk cleared of all serviceable eqpts and reclamation recovered all parts required.

    11 October 1944
    [no entry]

    12 October 1944
    REME again altered classification of vehs in RVP.

    13 October 1944
    Heavy rains have flooded RVP Camp and Pk areas making movement of vehs extremely difficult.

    14 October 1944
    OC Regtl. attended conference at 14 Veh Coy HQ and notified of split of Veh Coy from AOD. Instructed to take over all records of Offrs and ORs, correspondence etc from OC Depot Bn, in respect of Veh Coy.

    15 October 1944
    Notification received from OC Depot Bn that Maj. J. Snowball RAOC had been granted the rank of Lt Col and appointed O.C. 16 Vehicle Coy.

    16 October 1944
    OC 2 Veh Pk returned from conference with DDOS L of C. It was established that 2 Veh Pk W/E would not be revised and many problems would be presented.

    17 – 26 October 1944
    [no entries]

    27 October 1944
    RVP report urgent call for idlers for Challengers by 2nd Army.

    28 – 31 October 1944
    [no entries]

    1 November 1944 Field Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J. Snowball
    All three L of C Veh Parks commenced operations on new system.

    2 – 4 November 1944
    [no entries]

    5 November 1944
    Move of 11 L of C Veh Sub Pk to permanent location BERTANGLES arranged.
    Application made to DCRE by O.C. Returned Veh Pk for repairs to be carried out on dirt road, practically impassable in parts.

    6 November 1944
    Move of 11 L of C Sub Pk to permanent location BERTANGLES.
    1645 Message received from O.C. 14 Vehicle Coy, that HQ & Veh Group personnel would be distributed between 14 Veh Coy, HQ – HQ 16 Veh Coy – Veh Coys “B” Servicing Unit, and personnel would move to new location in respect of HQ 16 Veh Coy, & Veh Coys “B” Servicing Unit at LESSINES.

    7 November 1944
    All receipts to Returned Veh Pk stopped.

    8 November 1944
    Personnel of No.1. Veh Pk commenced attached duties with 15 Veh Coy.
    Torrential rain caused flooding in several parts of Returned Veh Pk but a number of issues were made.

    9 November 1944
    1 Officer & 1 N.C.O. departed for new location of HQ for purpose of arranging accommodation.
    0800 Transit Veh Pk detachment at LA RIVIERE rejoined Transit Veh Pk at ST COME de FRESNE.

    10 November 1944
    [no entry]

    11 November 1944
    Dirt track running through Returned Veh Pk has become impassable and vehs are continually getting stuck.
    O.C. L of C Veh Pk received orders from DDOS L of C to return to L of C Veh Sub Pk to take an inspection of the det by Comd 16 L of C Sub Area Brigadier W.E. Underhill.

    12 November 1944
    [no entry]

    13 November 1944
    Remainder of personnel HQ 7 Veh Group departed for new location, staging the night at 11 L of C Veh Sub Park.

    14 November 1944
    Movement of vehs at Returned Veh Pk becoming very difficult owing to roads breaking up.
    Personnel of HQ & Veh Group arrived at new location.

    15 November 1944
    R.Es called in to build up main roads at Returned Veh Pk.

    16 – 17 November 1944
    [no entries]

    18 November 1944
    O.C. L of C Veh Pk applied to DDOS for increase in W.E. of transport or authorised loan of vehs surplus to W.E. to enable the work of the three veh [not continued!]

    19 November 1944
    Arrangements made for Returned Veh Pk personnel to move to the Chateau de Bussy.

    20 November 1944
    [no entry]

    21 November 1944
    Personnel of Returned Veh Pk moved to Chateau de Bussy, after being flooded out under canvas personnel much more comfortable.

    22 – 26 November 1944
    [no entries]

    27 November 1944
    Transit Veh Pk closed down at St Come and re-opened same time at new location ANTWERP.

    28 – 30 November 1944

    [no entries]

    1 December 1944
    Clearance of Returned Veh Pk camp site, all surplus stores to R.S.D. & Q stores stocks reduced to a minimum.

    2 – 3 December 1944
    [no entries]

    4 December 1944
    Transit Veh Pk commenced duties off-loading vehicles at ANTWERP.
    Lt. L.G.T. Harris (276775) attached to No 2 Veh Pk for duty.
    Returned Veh Pk visited by Lt-Col. Perfect of 16 AOD.

    5 December 1944
    Lt-Col Manning (68737) T.O.S. and assumes command of 16 Veh Coy RAOC.

    6 – 7 December 1944
    [no entries]

    8 December 1944
    Camp site of Returned Veh Pk cleared and canvas dryed [sic: dried] and stored.

    9 December 1944
    Instruction received that a detachment of Returned Veh Pk was to take over the RVP started by 17 RVP at Arras. Mainly AFV personnel required.
    OC RVP attended Conference at HQ 14 Veh Coy RAOC re clearance of that Pk.

    10 December 1944
    [no entry]

    11 December 1944
    Personnel selected for ARRAS RVP detachment departed.

    12 December 1944
    L of C Veh Sub Pks renamed A. B. & C. by DDOS HQ L of C.

    13 December 1944
    “B” L of C Veh Sub Pk inspected by Lt. Col. Taffs, OBE Cmd 5 R. Berks.
    Result – satisfactory.

    14 – 16 December 1944
    [no entries]

    17 December 1944
    Conference held with DADME at Sub Area. OC RVP attended, reference to the unsatisfactory state of reclamation due to absence of policy.
    Matter to be discussed at HQ L of C.

    18 – 19 December 1944
    [no entries]

    20 December 1944
    French labour engaged at “B” L of C Veh Sub Pk consisting of 2 clerks, 1 cook & 30 drivers.

    21 – 22 December 1944
    [no entries]

    23 December 1944
    “A” L of C Veh Sub Pk received message that all ranks travelling by road would carry arms.

    24 December 1944
    Instruction received by HQ that a Stand To was in operation. Guards doubled. Stand Down received at 0835 hrs.

    25 December 1944
    [no entry]

    26 December 1944
    Instructions from Sub Area received by “B” L of C Veh Pk on action to be taken in event of an emergency.

    27 December 1944
    [no entry]

    28 December 1944
    OC “A” L of C Veh Pk received message from 101 B.S.A. which formed a warning that POW in Caen Pioneer Coy were planning to break out and that a Stand To might be ordered at any time within three days.

    29 – 31 December 1944
    [no entries]

    Good luck with your research, especially if you get to Kew!



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