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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for information about my late grandfather. He served for most of the war (as far as I can tell) in the 2/5bn 169th Queens.

    He was W/Sgt George Edwin Butlin 4924508 and was KIA 11th April 1945 in the area to the west of Lake Comacchio possibly during the raid on Menate / Longastrino.

    I think I may have exhausted the free searches on the internet relating to most of his regiment's history in WW2 and now I'm particularly looking for details about the action taking place where and when he was killed and I'm also looking for the date when he was conscripted and attached to that battalion.

    Any useful pointers for research would be gratefully accepted. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum.
    A better way of saying it is 2/5th Queens.

    They were in 169th Brigade with 2 other battalion .
    169 Bde was with 2 other brigades in 56th Division.

    1945 war diary at the National Archives
    2/5 Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) | The National Archives
    Lee @PsyWar.Org or Andy @Drew5233 can copy the diaries for you.

    Service records from MoD
    Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide - GOV.UK

    His army number 4924508 shows he originally enlisted in the South Staffs.
    Army Number Block Allocations
    South Staffordshire Regiment 4904001 - 4960000
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    Thanks, Owen. I tried looking in the National Archives but found it all a bit confusing so that's now done - many thanks to you. Also looking into the MoD - great stuff.
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    Noted the edits, thanks for that too.
  5. Tony56

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    George Edward Butlin is mentioned in the British Army Casualty list No 1746 Dated 2 May 1945. He is there, along with a number of others who died on or around the same date.

    Central Mediterranean
    Killed in Action
    Queen’s Royal Regiment
    6410607 Adams Pte JM, 2/6 Bn. Date of casualty 11.4.45
    6479698 Black A/Cpl G, 2/5 Bn. 11.4.45
    6460801 Breakspear Pte F, 2/7 Bn. 15.4.45
    4924508 Butlin W/Sjt GE, 2/5 Bn. 11.4.45
    6467477 Johnstone L/Sjt P, 2/5 Bn. 11.4.45
    14200539 Lake Pte HH, 12.4.45
    1634894 Milham Pte NA, 2/5 Bn. 14.4.45
    1827913 Riley Pte A, 2/5 Bn. 11.4.45
    5735270 Witheridge Pte NA. 15.4.45

    Died of Wounds
    2/6th Bn Queen’s Royal Regiment
    5679802 Disney Pte RR, 15.4.45
    3779830 Parkington Pte F, 14.4.45
    5628776 Rogers Pte PR, 18.4.45
    6106313 Stokes Sjt JL, MM, 16.4.45

    A number of soldiers are reported as wounded on the same list, with dates around the same time.
    Queen’s Royal Regiment
    7 casualties
    2/5th Bn Queen’s Royal Regiment
    41 casualties
    2/6th Bn Queen’s Royal Regiment
    12 casualties
    2/7th Bn Queen’s Royal Regiment
    14 casualties
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    Thanks Tony, yes I've seen that.

    Any other testimony about the battalion is much appreciated.
  7. BFBSM

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    If you are going to organise copies of the Battalion War Diary, you may find it helpful to also get that of the Brigade HQ: The National Archives | Search results:"WO 170/4485", I have found looking at these extremely helpful when looking at other Battalions.

    I shall look through the Regimental History tomorrow to provide you with information from there, if no-one else has before.

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  8. Fletcher_71

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    Thanks very much BFBSM will look into that.
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    If you establish from his Record of Service that he was in 2/5 Queens on 9 Sep 43, I can give you loads of information on what they were doing at the Salerno Landings, the drive north to Cassino, the crossing of the Garigliano and their time at Anzio up to 5 Jun 44.


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  10. Fletcher_71

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    That would be brilliant, Frank. It's very likely he would've been there at that point.

    Looking at the info here: Welcome to the Website of The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment - the correspondence and photos that he managed to send home all match up with dates and places.

    Like you say though, his service record will hopefully confirm that.
  11. Drew5233

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    No mention of his death specifically in the Battalion war diary but it is quite detailed. I found these pages in the appendices which may be of interest.

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    Thanks Andy. Much appreciated. Is there an easy way to decipher the 6digit co-ordinates? i.e.. 421596?
  13. BFBSM

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  14. Fletcher_71

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    Cheers Mark. I think I've got the full picture now.
  15. BFBSM

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    Sorry this has taken me so long, but here is the section from the Regimental history, regarding the 11 April and the lead-up to it.


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