18516 Brigadier Charles Barnet Cameron "Roscoe" HARVEY, DSO**

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    I was looking for some further, various, details on Brigadier Charles Barnet "Roscoe" Harvey and finding various results in a number of threads.

    There is an obituary here to Brigadier "Roscoe" Harvey: Obituary: Brigadier Roscoe Harvey

    Which has some details of his career and where he got his nickname "Roscoe" from.

    A place for some additional links:

    e.g. Brigadier Charles Barnet "Roscoe" Harvey

    There might not be a specific wiki for Brigadier Harvey at the moment: Brigadier C.B.C. Harvey - Search results - Wikipedia

    8th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia
    • Commander of the 8th Armoured: Brigadier C.B.C. Harvey (from 24 January 1943 until 4 October 1943)

    Familiar view - revisited
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    The Bio on the link is his Obituary
    UK and Ireland, Find A Grave Index, 1300s-Current
    Name: Gen Charles Barnet Harvey
    Birth Date: 1900
    Death Date: 28 Mar 1996
    Death Place: Gloucestershire, England
    Cemetery: St Nicholas Churchyard
    Burial or Cremation Place: Oddington, Cotswold District, Gloucestershire, England
    Has Bio?: Y
    URL: https://www.findagrave.com/mem...

    UK, Recommendations for Honours and Awards Index, 1935-1990
    Name: Charles Barnet Cameron Harvey
    Publication Date: 13 Aug 1942
    Rank: Major
    Service Number: 18516
    Regiment or Unit: 10 Royal Hussars
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Middle East (Egypt and Libya)
    Award: Distinguished Service Order
    Date of Action or Award: 1942
    URL: http://discovery.nationalarchi...

    Name: Charles Barnet Cameron Harvey
    Publication Date: 1 Mar 1945
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel, Temporary Brigadier
    Service Number: 18516
    Regiment or Unit: Royal Armoured Corps
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North West Europe 1944-1945
    Award: Bar to Distinguished Service Order
    Date of Action or Award: 1945
    URL: http://discovery.nationalarchi...

    Name: Charles Barnet Cameron Harvey
    Publication Date: 8 Dec 1945
    Rank: Colonel, Temporary Brigadier
    Service Number: 18516
    Regiment or Unit: Headquarters 29 Armoured Brigade
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Foreign to British: Belgium
    Award: Commander of the Order of Leopold II
    Date of Action or Award: 1945
    URL: http://discovery.nationalarchi...

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    Highfield High Field , Pewsey R.D., Wiltshire

    Charles B Harvey -19 Jul 1900 - Major, 10 R Hussars
    Iris D Harvey - 08 Oct 1902 - Private Means
    Sidney Palmer - 11 Aug 1903 - Trooper, 10 R Hussars
    Florence E O'Rourke - 09 Mar 1907 - Domestic General

    Charles was born in Sarawak.
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    On 25 Sept. 1944 Brigadier Harvey and two of his commanders, Lt.Col. David Arthur Henry Silvertop DSO MC and Lt.Col. Hubert Gerald Orr DSO respectively, were standing on a crossroad (Lepelstraat - Pèrdshemel) in the centre of Sint Anthonis village, The Netherlands. Due to advancing allied troops, German armoured vehicles in the area tried to escape through the village. Unfortunately one of these drove straight to the spot where the high-ranking officers held a short briefing. A crewmember of the armoured car was firing like a madman with a machinegun killing Silvertop instantly. Orr died shortly after of his wounds. Brigadier Harvey was just slightly injured.
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  6. harkness

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    Entering St Martin des Besaces, 31 July 1944:


    Harvey is top left.
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  7. cyclopenta

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    Nice! Thanks.
  8. JDKR

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    Ramiles - Although Brigadier Roscoe only gets a mention in my book, his brigade (29th Armoured) plays a leading role at certain times and places and is frequently mentioned. This may or may not be of any interest to you!
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    Maybe good to add that Brigadier "Roscoe" Harvey DSO, won no fewer than three DSOs. One of only 59 (if numbers in Wikipedia are correct) to do so in WW2. Another one to do so was his CO in the 11th Armoured Division, Major-General "Pip" Roberts CB DSO MC.
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    A naughty boy, more or less involved in the sad loss of Lt.-Col. Silvertop is shown here. These halftracks were knocked out at least one of them equipped with a triple machinegun/-cannon. On the photograph the guns can be seen.

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    Look like a Sd.Kfz. 251/21 - Schützenpanzerwagen (Drilling MG151s). There is a description on the deaths of Silvertop and Orr in The Forgotten Battle by A Korthals Altes and N.K.C.A. in't Veld pp. 48-49.
  12. cyclopenta

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    The pics are stills from a short movie by a resident of Sint Anthonis. This is one of the two halftracks involved. The other one doesn't show a turret with a triplet MG. If the drilling actually was the one, these poor chaps didn't have a chance.
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    It seems that at least Harvey's Brigade-Major was hit by a normal mg fire because he survived a shot through one of his lungs.

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