18th (5th Bn. The Loyal Regt) Recce

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    Many thanks Enigma 1003. I've seen photos of the Roll of Honour. My dad is the last one: he should be F L Thompson. However the locals tried their best even though there are 6 other mistakes. Maybe one day I'll get there.
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    I realise that nobodies posted here in a few years but my great uncle was in the 18th Recce (died as a FEPOW) and I am very eager to learn all there is to know. I understand his journey up to Changi, but then he died in Taiwan in 44 (or was only buried there). Would be really interested to know where he would have likely moved as a prisoner, I am reading ‘Surviving the Sword’ and this has been educating. I would also like to know how deaths were recorded and whether families back home were notified at the time. And lastly, is anyone aware of any veterans of the 18th recce that are alive today? Really appreciate any answers you guys can provide. Thanks
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    My Grandfather Serjeant Tom Prior 18th(5thRecce was a POW died on the railway Its years since I have looked at this thread I wonder if anyone as any photos of the regiment
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    Could someone tell me what a SAS Nethravon training course would have been
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