19th Army Troops Company Royal Engineers

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    Does anyone have a date of arrival in North Africa please?
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    There was not 19th Army Troops Company, Royal Engineers. The unit that served in North Africa was 19th Army Troops Company, New Zealand Engineers. Here is its history:

    19th Army Troops Company, New Zealand Engineers
    19 June 1940 at Trentham

    This company was raised when 8th Field Company was split to form 18th and 19th Army Troops Companies. The company left New Zealand with the 3rd Echelon on 28 August 1940 and arrived at Port Tewfik, Egypt on 29 September 1940. On arrival, it moved to Maadi Camp and was directly attached to 2nd New Zealand Division as a third field company. It left Maadi in late October 1940 and moved to Gebil Maryam. 6th Field Company relieved it there at the end of December 1940 and it moved to Ismailia. It then moved to Maadi but left at once for Burbeita a fortnight later. It was used to clean up the Sidi Barrani battlefield until the end of January 1941, when it returned to the Delta to rejoin the division.
    The company arrived in Greece with the division on 15 March 1941 and served there with the division until it embarked for Crete on 24/25 April. It left Crete on 31 May and disembarked at Alexandria, Egypt on 1 June. It moved to Amiriya and was ready to operate in a specialist role by the end of July. It left the division on 15 August 1941 and came under command of British Troops, Egypt, taking over the duties of 8th Field Company, NZE in Mena Camp, which in turn replaced the company in 2nd New Zealand Division. It assumed the role of port construction and supervision of native labour. No. 4 Section moved to Safaga on 25 August and No. 3 Section moved to Aqaba on 5 September. By the end of October 1941, the whole company, less No. 2 Section, was located at Safaga. No. 2 Section was sent to Aqaba on 25 April 1942 and No. 4 Section was sent to Adabiya Bay on 10 October 1942.
    A detachment of the company (3 officers and 90 other ranks) moved to Benghazi in November 1942 in the advance from Alamein. At this time, the whole company was at Safaga, less No. 4 Section at Adabiya Bay. In early November, No. 2 Section also moved to Adabiya Bay. The detachment for Benghazi left Maadi on 2 December and reached there on 7 December in order to fix the harbour. The rest of the company, less No. 4 Section, was replaced by 540th Field Company, RE and joined the detachment at Benghazi on 28 January and 1 February 1943. It remained there throughout March and was joined by No. 4 Section. 19th Army Troops Company left Benghazi on 17 October 1943 and marched into New Zealand Railway Details. It was disbanded on 21 October 1943.
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    Thanks for the correction, and for the very detailed answer.

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