19th Lancers, Udaung, Burma

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    I found and scanned this U.S. Army Signal Corps photo at our National Archives II, College Park, Maryland,
    on 17 June 2019.

    Resized to fit here.

    "B Squadron of King George V's own 19th Lancers get their tanks into position to shell Jap positions in the hills, Udaung, Burma. L to R: Major W.R. Clifford, Lt. Colonel K.S. Thimayya, Major R.C. Satterthwaide, and Captain B.B. Weatherhill, discussing the way the tanks shall fire at the Jap positions."

    31 December 1944.

    Photographer Sgt. Jack Stager, SEAC Photo Unit (U.S.).

    SC 244949, Credit NARA.

    244949 PS El RS.jpg


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    That is Bernard Weatherill, later Speaker of the House of Commons.
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    An excellent picture Dave.

    Incidentally this group of officers was also captured on two films (filmed by two different cameramen at the same time) and is visible on IWM Films MWY107 and MWY211.

    Maj Clifford and Lt Colonel Thimmaya are from the 25th Indian Division. Maj Satterthwaide (their is some confusion on the spelling of his name due to a typing error on the original dope sheet but is indicated as 'Satterhwaide' on the IWM notes that accompany this film) is probably the 19th Lancers B Squadron commander.

    Here you can see Captain Weatherill's rank epaulette. It looks like it says '19/L' but its a crease as it actually says '19.L'.

    Weatherill MWY 107.JPG

    Weatherill MWY211.JPG
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