1RTR and !Btn (Motor) Rifle Bde 7 Armoured Div 1944 to 1945

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    I am trying to identify the names of officers, WOs and NCOs who served with 1 RTR and 1 Btn (Motor) Rifle Brigade, 22 Armoured Brigade 7 Armoured Div from D-Day to VE Day.

    I have contacted the archives of the RAC museum, National Army Museum and Green Jackets Museum with mixed and scant results, can anyone help please?
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    That's quite an undertaking!

    Here's the fairly-famous list of 1 R Tks vehicle names, which also lists their commanders. That should account for the majority of officers, WOs and NCOs in the sabre squadrons at D-Day.

    The best bet for officers would be the weekly field returns that are sometimes included in the war diaries. These should list all officers and - often - their appointments.

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    It should be noted that the Officer immediately under MaJor Bob Crispy - Capt later Major JB Smethusrt - is the late Father of one of our members- Susan Smethurst. - He was very badly injured in the last two weeks of the war and slowly recovered to an active life as minister of the Church of England

    Major Crisp went on to write the now famous " Brazen Chariots' which highlights Desert war in Tanks and is an excellent read for those who never fought in Tanks

    Major Smedhurst brother Major AB Smethust won his M.C. at Anzio with 5th RTR and just recently died in Nottingham at age 90 odd.
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    The weekly Field Returns of Officers includes a nominal roll of all officer's names. The equivalent Other Ranks Field Return, however, is limited to numbers only although occasionally a name or two crops up in the section for "ORs whose return is particulary sort after" - something like that anyway:)

    There are several people on this forum who would copy the war diaries for you (try Unit Documents section and ask the question) for a fee.


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    My dear friend Tom alerted me to this thread. Have been away from forum for a while but always happy to engage on subject of 1st RTR.

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