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    I am sure that you are right Robert and I don't think they (whoever they were) had time or the compunction to take cadets' wishes into consideration otherwise they'd all find themselves in the same regiment! We'll never know and I can only assume too that he was sent to a relatively peaceful TA Battalion to begin with because he was a young 22 year old inexperienced lad (plus the Japanese hadn't yet entered the War).
    It is the same nowadays with football teams: why bring in players from all over the world instead of picking those on their own doorstep (although n kids play football in the street anymore I suppose).
    You're right but I just wondered if there is a paper somewhere which shows if the board had a choice...
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    I can see that you are our expert here High Wood and do I assume correctly that whatever unit an officer is seconded to, he will always appear under the Welch Regiment for example? I can't think of the Army Lists Book, the quarterly lists or something like that, would I find my father' name only in the Welch Regiment ro would I find him under 1RWF or 2Suffolks if the list was produced whilst he was with them?
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    I am hardly an expert but I do know my way around the London Gazette, Your father has four entries in total, three post war, two relating to his career with the A.C.F. and one to do with his retirement from the same.

    Your father was commissioned into the Welch Regiment, but would have been attached to other regiments as required. His Army List entries list him under the Welch Regiment.

    With regard to the 166th O.C.T.U., you will notice that the entire intake were spread around various regiments with some taking only one or two subalterns and others taking four or five. My guess is that officer cadets were given a choice of regiment, but given that some regiments were more popular than others, or carried a greater cachet, not every one would get their first choice.

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    And I would imagine that if a cadet had a family connection with a regiment and it had vacancies he would get priority. There was a guy from my locality who ended up in the regiment in which his dad had been a major and his grandad a lt colonel and I suspect that in this case someone's ear got whispered in. There must however have been some regiments that no one wanted to join particularly - however the RW was probably not one of these given its history and reputation. But in the end some would go where they got sent whether they liked or not.
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    Simon, Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes I have had a thread on 2 RTR on the RAC/RTR forum but so far no results. As I said, just a long shot. Anyway thanks for your welcome and advice and I will keep trying. Cheers, Jim
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    Hi Dryan and in the book, does it mention who the new C.O. and Second-in-Command were who would have arrived just after their arrival back in India?
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    Here are two pages from the regimental history regarding 1st Battalion Commanding Officers and change of command when the battalion returned to India from the Arakan in 1943. 1stRWF_COs.jpg 1stRWF_ChangeofCommand.jpg
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    Brilliant and just what I was searching for!!!!!!!!! I suppose that I would be asking too much if there are any photos of LcL Braithwaite and Maj Vaughan? Not to worry if there aren't any as I am already delighted with this and probably the Major Lloyds-Davies took over D Company from my father who was acting captain but was sent unexpectedly off to the Arakan again but this time with 2 Suffolks!
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    Sorry, there are no photographs of either man.
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    Not to worry Dryan and great news all of the same!
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    I and from my father's tape:At that barracks, still with the RWF of course, we were reinforced once more; a new CO and new Second-in-Command, new equipment. Apart from a lot of soccer there; I played for Scotland versus England, Royal Scots versus RWF, and the Royal Scots had a grand left wing, Joyner who had played for Raith Rovers; doesn’t sound much nowadays, but he was a fine player. That new C.O. and his friend the second-in-command, they came from the same battalion, went through all the accounts and found that the Officers’ Mess was in deficit. They called a meeting and explained that they could not understand the civilian type method of accounting that had been kept in the past and to make up the deficit, they recommended, they strongly recommended, i.e. they very well ordered that every officer forfeited one day’s pay.

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