1st & 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    Hello, I am searching for any information about Padre Ian Macaulay of the 1st Fife and Forfar Regiment who was killed on October 25 or 26, 1944, in Holland. There is very, very little about his death, or what he was doing when he died. I am aware that Crocodiles of the 1st FFY were attached to the Canadian Army both for closing the Breskens Pocket in mid October, and in clearing the area between Bergen-op-zoop and Eindhoven at the time Padre Macaulay was killed. I have discovered that 2 Crocodiles of the 1st FFY were destroyed in "hulk alley" in the woods near Bergen-op-zoom, Holland, but it is not clear if Padre Macaulay was there when they were destroyed. Any information anyone might have (beyond what is on the CWGC website) would be gratefully appreciated! Best Regards, Tom
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    Many thanks for this. It solves a mystery about Padre Macaulay, and the lack of information available about his death. Many thanks for this!!!
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    Sorry for posting twice. It did not seem to upload property the first time. Thanks for the information.
    Regards, Tom
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    Hi Ken,
    Please see attached list of names, with a J King listed.
    Unfortunately I have not got the photo.
    Reading the diaries of that time in other threads will let you know a bit more.
    My grandfather, also listed was J Truscott.

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    Hi LindaC. I have just found this website and joined. My father, John Butler was a driver in the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry and also in the Scots Greys. He didn’t talk much about the war but he did mention a story about when some men slept under a tank that sunk and they were killed, so maybe they were in the same unit. I’m trying to find out more about his service. I’ve attached a picture of him.

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    Does anyone happen to have a picture of Chaplain Ian Macaulay of the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry who was killed in action at the end of October 1944? I have not been able to find one anywhere!
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    Hi Newleaf,
    Welcome to the forum, and what a great picture of your father. Seems so very young! Was he in 1st or 2nd FFY?
    Kind regards, Ronald.
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    Hi Newleaf
    Going by his photo your father was in the 1st Fife & Forfar Yeomanry as he doesn't have the Hunting McIntosh tartan badge backing worn by the 2nd Regiment and he has collar badges on his battledress which were only worn by the 1st Regiment
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    I found the newspaper article about his death that I mentioned in a previous post. The copy isn't great due to being sellotaped but its just about readable. I got it from Tom Carmichael who was Troop Sergeant with the RHQ of the 1st Regiment. I assume the photo is of him in his Royal Scots uniform.

    There was a post on this site from a member Bob C back in 2008 looking for info on his father FW Carter who was Rev Macaulay's driver. If he's still around he might be able to give you some info.


    Fife and forfar regiment Crocodile driver

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    Many thanks! I have searched high and low for any picture and this will do!! Thanks again!!
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    Hi Steve

    Copy of the B Sqn photo attached.
    Do you have a larger or higher resolution picture of the list of names? I can make out most of the names but some are less clear.


    B Sqn 2nd F&FY May 1944_3.png

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