1st & 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    Hello Graham

    My great uncle was Trooper Harold Sykes who served with your great uncle and was killed in the same action on 27th June. I have over the last few years, with the help of a friend living not too far away from Cheux, been trying to find the last resting place of Harold. His name is on the Bayeux memorial since his body was never recovered after what was described as a battlefield burial just south east of Cheux. We have some letters from Sgt Greenfield and Ian Martin who wrote to my great grandmother whilst in hospital recovering which describe the action in which they were killed. The letter from Ian Martin refers to 'Bill'

    A note was also written by the padre who buried Harold and Stanley Thompson together describing the location in relation to Cheux church.


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    Dear Phil (and anyone else with an interest in Alexander 'Sandy' Munro),

    Munro was an alumnus of Merton College, Oxford, where he is commemorated on the war memorial (his regiment is given simply as 'Lothians'). He matriculated in 1940, and took a third class in the Mods exam in 1942.

    If anyone comes across a photograph of him we would be very interested in receiving a copy.
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    Hi everyone (if indeed anyone is still here since it's been quiet for 2 years!). My father, Alec Fraser, served in the F&F Yeomanry in WW2 and, as far as I know, was a gunner. Like many men of his generation, he spoke very little about his war service. He died in 2004, and we still have some of the mementos he kept, including some chilling Nazi artefacts and letters to his mother from a lovely Belgian lady he lodged with. In his later years, he seemed to make peace with his war service, and visited some of the battlefields he knew and joined a F&F reunion group (though he was disappointed not to ever meet any of the friends he knew in battle). I'm requesting his service records because I know very little of what he actually did and where he went. He was only 18 in 1942 when he was called up. Goodness knows what horrors he witnessed. If anyone is interested, we have some photos I could share. Best wishes, Gill
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    Hi all...found this site a few weeks back and was hoping you all were still around.
    My grandad was William 'Bill' Macrae, from Kirkcaldy, Fife. Pre WW2 he was in the Territorial Army (fife) and then in both 1st & 2nd F&F Yeomanry, serving at the rank of Trooper, he probably should have obtained a higher rank but he kept in getting himself into too much trouble!

    During my research of his service I have obtained a number of personal photos of his time in service and obtained copies of his offical war records.

    One item of note some of you may be interested in is a documents of a nite the Fife and Forfar had an entertainment night with performances, acts, singing,etc and names of all members involved.

    When I get a chance in the next week or two I will attempt to attach copies of photos and copy of the entertainment night documnet.
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    Can anyone tell me where the 2 F&F were on 25 Dec 44? Delaforce has Brownlie's Tp at LezFontaine but I have seen reference to Namur although Bosawens Memoir and the famous Firefly Photo have 2 Tp S Sqn Coldstreams. at Namur. Taurus Pursuant don't really cover this period other than a handful of paragraphs not mentioning the 2 F&F at all
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    Here is a list of the dog-tags I am trying to return to veterans or families that are all connected to F&F.
    14437401 DONKERSLEY Alan Harry
    421432 DUNCAN A
    3714822 BISPHAM JP
    7890610 EDIE W
    7892456 DEWAR A
    7892618 FENWICK W
    7907015 LEVY P
    14313991 MARSHALL GG
    14350341 MACCOLL HD
    14413611 BRELLISFORD GG
    14324452 GRAY JS
    7948642 DEUCHARS IS
    7951158 HELSBY DFB
    If anyone can help, please get in touch,
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    My father-in-law served in the Fife and Forfar yeomanry, but we are not sure of the exact details. He went over to France just after the D day landings and on into Germany.
    He did some of his training around Hexham and drove tanks around Newcastle kicking out the kerb stones photo 2-20141125-132516904.jpg photo 1-20141125-132543304~2-20150403-083230385.jpg photo 2-20141125-132543355~2-20150901-095206639.jpg :)
    Here are some pictures
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    This is a long shot but I was hoping someone's father or grandfather may have a specific picture which would have been taken by a tank commander of the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry on May 2nd, 1945 at Wulmenau, Germany (south of Lubeck). They liberated a group of POWs who had been force marched across Germany from Stalag Luft III. My father was in this group and he wrote about the liberation in a letter home saying that he climbed up on one of the tanks that liberated them and had his picture taken together with a whole tank load of yelling and crying kriegies.
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    Hi all. I’m trying to find some info on my Uncle, John Rankin. I know he fought around the Caen area, his tank was hit and his driver killed. That’s all I have. Any help appreciated.
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    5294CFF0-EC2E-442B-AD53-BF0C3D3E9050.jpeg Officers of the F&F Yeomanry
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    I'm looking for info on the actions of "C" Squadron 1st Fand F in March 1945, which was in support of 7 Cdn Infantry Brigade at Emmerich.

    Does anyone have the unit History or (even better) the War Diary.
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    Hello Nemesis,

    thank you very very much for this picture. Could you put it in a higher definition please? Cheers
    Phil (Gerboise)
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    Hope that picture is clearer
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    It's perfect. Thank you very very much. Have a lovely day!
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    I bought these medals at a local auction recently. 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medals in box of issue addressed to Mrs M Hutton ,25 Balcusney Road , Kirkcaldy , Fife. These were sent to her after her Husband Sergeant Hugh Patrick Hutton Fife and Forfar Yeomanry ,Royal Armoured Corps was Killed in Action at Tourmaville France on the 27th June 1944 after an engagement with German Panther Tanks and enemy troops with Anti Tank weapons.
    His death was announced in the Fife Free Press and Kirkcaldy Guardian on the 29th July 1944. Confirming his address as per the medal shipping box.
    I hope that this is of interest to members researching the F&F Yeomanry
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    I am seeking information on Chaplain H/Capt Ian Macaulay who was assigned to the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry in 1942 as their Padre and served with them (1 believe 1st FFY) until his death on October 26, 1944 in Belgium. I have no further information on him, beyond that he originally served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Scots Regiment as a tank commander, and was ordained on September 28, 1941 and then switched to the Royal Army Chaplains Department. Does anyone have any information on how Padre Macaulay was killed? Many thanks.
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    His death is mentioned in the 1FFY Regimental history. Photos of the relevant pages attached. I'm sure I also have a photocopy of a newspaper article about his death somewhere. I'll try and dig it out.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hopefully images have attached this time

    IMG_20190713_222911987.jpg IMG_20190713_222943137.jpg

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