1st Bn Beds and Herts

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  1. Hi Alex, yes thats me. Good to see you.
    I am still on 'that' site for my sins. Certainly not the same since Andreas parted ways.
    I'm always digging around trying to unearth any information that ties into my families military history, when I get a spare moment.
    All the best,
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    I’ll probably be rejoining it with an Operation Varsity page I think.
    I did see a couple of great photos on your site, the bridge as Ismalia (I think). Great stuff!

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  3. I have created a dedicated account @UbiqueVir so my personal nonsense didn't interfere with the military content.
    I shall look out for your Varsity page.

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  4. Chris C

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    Indeed, welcome! (I'm "AlliedArmour" on twitter and I think I follow both of your accounts :))
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  5. Of course, great to see you Chris.

    While I'm here thought I'd mention that on this day (6 October) in 1941, my Grandpa and his 12th Field Company R.E. played a Cricket match against the 1st Battalion Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment in Zahle, Syria.

    (Image for context - N.Z. Soldiers in Syria, 1942)
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  6. Alex1975uk

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    Who won?!
  7. SusanD

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  8. SusanD

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    Hi there, very interesting to read the summary of service for the 1st batallion Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment. I now have my Uncle’s Service records. I can see that the dates match for his AA duties on the ship in 1941. It then states he ‘proc. overland to unknown duties’ in July 1941. He was in India until 1944. There are many abbreviations and lists that I don’t understand. I am interested to see he ‘rejoined unit from no 20 reinforcement Camp’ on 12/10/42. Would you know where that was please? I would be so interested to know more about what he did during that time.
  9. dryan67

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    All I have on No. 20 Reinforcement Camp is that is was located in India and existed from 1942-1946.

    Here is a thread that mentions No. 20 Reinforcement Camp. It may have been at Deolali,

    Base Reinforcement Camp, Deolali.

    Here is another thread the mentions No. 20 Reinforcement Camp.

    Kohima Casualties from 24 Reinforcement Camp

    You might try starting a conversation with the members involved in these threads
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    Hi there, thank you for that information

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