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    FYI - the MC group shown earlier as offered on eBay is not Mahoney's original medals. They are a "copy group". The real ones are held at the Regimental Museum and include his OBE (awarded 1953), GSM - Malaya & Coronation 1953.
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    I am seeking information as opposed to contributing it. My wife' s uncle, Harry Hilsdon Cooper (1914-1996) was apparently a member of the 1st Battalion Scottish Rifles who fought in Burma. I am researching his military history for the family and for an article I want to publish. I have applied for his service record, but with the current pandemic situation it may be some time before it arrives. His children know nothing about his service other than the battalion name so we are starting from scratch. If anyone recognizes the name, or can direct me to publications or articles that describe the Burma campaigns (and hopefully people), I would appreciate hearing from them.
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    Hi Sol

    Many thanks for posting these documents, I am also searching for more entries relating to J Mahoney (159368) specifically the mentioning of him 1) taking out a sniper position as it was pinning down their position and another 2) going behind enemy lines from his position to find and advancing enemy unit bigger than theirs , returning and then taking back control.

    I am James (Jimmy to all around him) grandson, his surving daughter (my mother) is still alive I am wanting to present this to her ASAP

    Please also any other info you or the kind people here have on my grandad will be greatly recieved.

    He was also awarded an O.B.E circ 1953? Can anyone here supply any info in that regard?

    I can see his unit worked under other Indian units? Where can I find more?

    Any info please send to my email jasonh11@hotmail.com or post here.

    Many thanks in advance

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    OBE citation is below, but the transcript is only just legible. The full document is attached in pdf format:


    Attached Files:

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    Thank you so much,

    I will post some more on this great man another time, my mother will be made up with this info

    Does anyone have access to the diary’s that may be able to post copies of the entry’s relating to the elimination of the sniper position and also the going behind enemy lines incident, without him doing this the much larger enemy unit would of run over his position as there initial attack convinced the enemy they the defending unit were a larger force and the enemy retreated.

    Guys whatever else you may have on my grandad Mr James Mahoney 159368 will be grateful recieved

    Again, Many thanks

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    If anyone now has a copy or written narrative of events during this period I would very much like a copy to put into a pack for my mother re her father James Mahoney OBE MC (159368) who served her

    My email address is jasonh11@hotmail,com or push me a link to download or view resources online

    Many thanks

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    Images of the medal are take from here

    Sorry but I can't help you there. Only mention about him I found in my books is this one from "Burma 1942: Japanese Invasion" by Grant & Tamayama, during the Battle at Pegu

    A "stout-hearted officer from the Cameronians", Captain Mahoney, drove a carrier down to Hlegu and back to see if there were any further blocks. He reported that there were some snipers but no blocks

    Best bet for you would be battalion war diaries from TNA, but not sure if it is working during this period due covid-19, of official regiment history. If someone here has regimental history maybe it could copy those pages for you.

    Also I would suggest you to not openly post your email address here, or anywhere, if anyone from here wants to contact you he can do that by personal message and then you can share your email. Just for your security.

    Good luck with your research.
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    My grandad regrettably died at
    Blackbushe Airport air crash 1957 , and this created thereafter a great void for my mother aged then only 12.

    Having lived a nice life until that point around the world and very close to her dad James Mahoney (159368) a lot changed for her and his career was not much talked about as it was hard for her mum to discuss.

    So any info is as I’ve said previously will be greatly recieved, many thanks.

  11. [​IMG]
    Don't know if this is of interest. My father a WO1 with the REME was attached to Cameronians , Gurkhas and Indian army in Burma
    . I believe most of these young men were lost on the retreat from Rangoon. He survived the march ( he also survived Dunkirk}
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    Hi Dave
    I can't see the attachment. Could you reload it please?
  13. Thanks for your quick reply.
    Sorry file was too large!
    Late now( Canada)
    Will work on it tomorrow
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    Hello dryan67. I just found your post about the book excerpt about the 1942 Cameronian retreat. If possible I would certainly like to get a copy of that section as the book itslef is almost impossible to find.
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    Hi everyone,
    My great uncle was part of the 1st Battalion Cameronians, Rifleman Archibald Mckeurtan. I highly doubt anyone would know anything of him that I haven't already seen in his letters but if anybody did have anything on him it would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you.
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    Hi Steve,

    Are there officers returns for January/February/March in the 1942 diary? Any info much appreciated.

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    In the Cameronian photo, the man in the middle with the swagger stick seems to be an officer, possibly a Captain. Are there any names on the reverse of the image by any chance?

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    Hi Steve

    I'm sorry to have to report that there aren't any officer returns in this file.

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    Thanks for checking Steve. I am trying to find out when a particular officer first arrived in India. I have traced all the way back to the 1942 retreat, but really need the 1941 diary to see if he is present there.


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