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    This morning I've reviewed the war diary - February-May 1942 (WO 172/855). It's quite difficult as it is hand-written and then photo-copied using some war time process. As mentioned previously, the diary for this period appears to have been reconstructed after the battalion reached India.

    Here is the list of officer names mentioned in the text. I was able to interpret some of the names using other sources. Is your man here?


    Major R.A. Anderson wounded
    2nd Lt. E. Armstrong
    Captain R.A. Bradford-Martin
    2nd Lt. J.A. Brown wounded
    Lieutenant P.K. Bryceston
    Captain J.H. Bunten
    Captain B.J. Brennan
    2nd Lt. A.R. Connolly killed
    Major J.G. Dalziel
    2nd Lt. J.M. Daniels killed
    Captain T.R. Darby
    Captain C.W. Elphick R.A.M.C.
    Captain P.V. Gray 'B' Company Commander
    Captain J.A. Grieve
    2nd Lt. A.M. Heddle
    2nd Lt. N.S. Leask
    Captain J. Mahony 'C' Company Commander
    Lieutenant G.R. Middleton Died of wounds
    Captain J.A. Northey B' Company
    Lieutenant G.N. Palmer
    2nd Lt. G.W. Paterson
    Captain J.M.H. Scott
    Lt. Colonel W.B. Thomas Commanding Officer
    Major R.M.H. Tynte
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    Here are the entries from the Indian Army List for October 1941 and July 1942


    October 1941


    July 1942

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    Bingo Steve, brilliant. He is B.J. Brennan and appears in the diary for sure, but better still in the your listing for October 1941. With his first commission stated as being 15-12-39, would this have been in India or could it have been back in Britain? Excuse my lack of knowledge here.
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    Ah! Great stuff! B.J. Brennan might be the "L.J. Burrows??" that I couldn't make out in the diary. "Brennan" fits the overall shape of the handwritten text than "Burrows" now that I have it in front of me.

    This would have been back in the U.K. According to the London Gazette, he was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant from the Honourable Artillery Company (Cadets, 162nd O.C.T.U.) on 15th December 1939. See issue 34753, pages 8308-09.

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    Many many thanks Steve. You might of guessed but Brennan ended up CO of 26 Column on Op Thursday, hence my interest. Cheers for all your help with this.
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    No problem, Steve. Funnily enough, I did a search for Brennan hoping to find out what his initials stood for.......and the first entry on the list was his gallantry recommendation on your site.

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    My dad met him some years after the war... ended up a Lloyds underwriter... I have surprisingly little information on him... very little has been published that I've come across...
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    I've got my eye on the officer in the photograph in post 34 on this thread. Possibly looks like a younger version of this image of Brennan I have:

    Brennan Tim 26 Col  2 copy 3.jpg
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    That's the only image I've ever found of him too, me Ol' China...

    Lt... almost middle front row...? Does have a look...

    A little digging found some notes in Lloyds history... a BJ Brennan was fairly high up the food chain there in 1980 and a Brian Brennan was one of the Deputy Chairman in 1983...
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    FYI I have the Missing Men file for 1st Cameronians for 1942 if anyone needs stuff looking up.

    Does anyone have the book ' The History of The Cameronians'? I copied it but missed pages 147-8 which are just the pages I need. Trying to find out what happened on 6 April 1944 when I Cameronians were on the Second Chindit expedition.

    Merry Christmas!
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