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  1. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Not sure if there would be much re. Major Edward (Ted) Ronald Pettit with the 1st Lothian and Border Yeomanry?

    24th L - War Diary - has...
    19/1/42 Major E. R. Pettit posted to 1st Lothian & Border Yeomanry.

    Various pictures etc. : Edward Ronald Pettit - Ancestry.com


    Pettit, Edward Ronald - TracesOfWar.com

    Biography and other details including...

    August 29th, 1929: 9th Queen's Royal Lancers;
    September 28th, 1935: Colonial Service;
    September 1935 - March 27th, 1938: ADC, Commander in Chief, Nigeria;
    September 1st, 1939: Regimental Duty, 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers, United Kingdom;
    December 1940: Squadron Leader, 24th Lancers, United Kingdom;
    1942: Second in Command, The Lothian and Border Horse, 36th Yeomanry Regiment, United Kingdom;
    October 9th, 1943: 26th Hussars, Meerut, India;
    October 1943: Squadron Leader 3rd Carabiniers, Prince of Wales’s Dragoon Guards, Burma;
    April 1944: GSO1, AFV, Headquarters 14th Army, India.

    IWM H13053
    Object description
    Original wartime caption: Major Pilkington, M.C. (left) and other officers.


    His signature...


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    He gets a few mentions in the Lothian's WD;

    19th Jan 42: Major E R Pettit 9th L joined Regiment from 24th Lancers on posting as Second in Command.

    9th Apr 42: Major E R Pettit assumed command of the Regiment during the absence of Lieutenant Colonel J G Crabbe MC on leave.

    9th Jul 42: Major E R Pettit attached to Senior Officers’ School, Devizes, until 2nd September 1942 on Course of Instruction.

    19th Nov 42: Major E R Pettit (44155) attached to Intelligence Training Centre, Matlock, until 25th November 1942 on Course of Instruction.

    10th Dec 42: Major E R Pettit (44155) assumed command of the Regiment vice Major C J Y Dallmeyer.

    18th Dec 42: Major E R Pettit (44155) proceeded to Catterick on Course at N C Weapon Training School until 22nd December 1942. Major C J Y Dallmeyer (35525) assumed command of the Regiment vice Major E R Pettit (44155) until 22nd December 1942.

    13th Apr 43: Lieutenant Colonel JG Crabbe, MC (4727) on leave from 13-22 April 1943. Major E R Pettit (44155) assumes command for this period.

    14th July 43: Major E R Pettit (44155) attached School of Artillery, Larkhill until 21st July 1943 whilst attending Course of Instruction.

    22/25th Jul 43: Major E R Pettit (44155) assumed command of the Regiment vice Lieutenant Colonel J G Crabbe, MC, officiating Brigade Commander, and 30th Armoured Brigade.

    26th Jul 43: Major C J Y Dallmeyer (35525) assumed command of the Regiment vice Major E R Pettit (44155) on embarkation leave.

    7th Aug 43: Major E R Pettit (44155) reported to London District Assembly Centre and struck off strength for embarkation overseas.

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  3. Lichfeldian

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    Does anyone have the diary page for May 1945? I'm keen to know what happened to LCpl Ainswoth of the Light Aid Detachment REME who died on 5th May - apparently a battle accident.
  4. Tolbooth

    Tolbooth Patron Patron

    Not much detail but appears to have been a traffic accident in which two others were injured.

    '7648760 LCpl Ainsworth J, LAD att RHQ: 5 May 45. Killed as a result of traffic accident.'

    May 45 WD.JPG

    The actual entry for the 5 May is "'5 May: Maint, sports, trg etc.'

    Not much there but hope that helps.
  5. Lichfeldian

    Lichfeldian New Member

    Thanks you that's very helpful. Do the pages for May give a unit location as at 5th May? Thanks Again.
  6. Tolbooth

    Tolbooth Patron Patron

    They were mostly in the ARNHEM/APPLEDORN area by the look of it;

    The RHQ was at OTTERLO, map ref E651926
    A Sqn UTCHELEN (poss Ughelen), E758995
    B Sqn DEKRIM, E734939
    C Sqn map ref R338042. Believe this Sqn was working with 2nd Canadian Inf Div at the time

    P9940195.JPG P9940196.JPG P9940197.JPG
  7. Lichfeldian

    Lichfeldian New Member

    Many thanks again. i've been researching the war service of WO2 Gover REME who served with the 1 Lothians LAD throughout the Normandy campaign. Notes mention LCpl Ainsworth.
  8. Captain Roel

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    I have adopted the grave of Trooper HERBERT ALFRED WEEKS Royal Armoured Corps / 1st Lothians and Border Horse.

    He died at the age of 20 on 27 February 1945. And lightly buried in the Commenwealth War Grave Cemetery in Venray (Netherlands).

    He was the Son of Herbert Edward and Violet M.A. Weeks, of Chadwell St. Mary, Essex.

    Now I know he was killed by friendly fire on 27 Feb 1945 when his unit No 2 Troop, A Squadron, under command of Lt P S Newman MC, was heavily shelled by tanks of the US 743d Tank Battalion near Kirschtroisdorf in Germany.

    Now I am looking for a picture of Trooper HERBERT ALFRED WEEKS!

    Can you help me to find a picture of Herbert or can you tell me where I have to look to get a picture of this Trooper.

    It would be a great honour for me to have a face at a grave in honour of him.

    I hope you can help me or put me on the right track to ask for more information.
  9. Tolbooth

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    Good luck with your quest !
    I assume you've seen this thread - Investigation of friendly fire incident 27 Feb '45
  10. Captain Roel

    Captain Roel Junior Member

    Tolbooth I have seen the Thread and I also know how Herbert Weeks died.
    But I would like to have a clear picture of him and maybe there are more stories known from the moment he was killed.
    But thank you for pointing this out to me.
  11. Johng47

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    I may be able to help you on this. I have been researching my father's war background through the REME charity based in Wiltshire. My dad was a REME warrent officer and it looks like LCpl Ainsworth was a member of his LAD. I have a little bit more information for you. It may be easier to contact me on my email if you want to follow this up. johngover@gmail.com
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    PM to Lichfeldian and Johng47 sent.

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