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    I am getting mixed signals on the hardware//uniforms worn by the 1st Polish Armored Div at the battle of the Falaise pocket.
    Some info says the US equipped the Poles, but I know that Great Britain also clothed the Poles in Italy in their battledress.
    Can some one give me the real skinny on what gear/uniforms they wore. I want to do a Brit universal carrier with crew, but I also want it to be correct.
  2. Owen

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    Welcome to the site tbar.

    They'd wear and use British kit.
    I've meant to buy this book but haven't yet.
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    Many, many thanks, Owen.
    Now I can proceed without qualms regarding accuracy.
  4. Owen

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    Article about a model of a 1st Polish Armd Div Carrier.

    AMPS - The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society


    Some info on markings here.

    Scroll down this page, a few more Polish carriers.
    Captain Kazimierz DUDA's web site - 1st Polish Armoured Division - WW2

    Lovely colour photo of one in Holland.
    1e Poolse Pantserdivisie

    A rather grainy shot of a carrier here.

    Breda liberated, 1944: Sunday afternoon October 29th.

    The first bren carrier with infantrymen in the Eindstraat. Meanwhile the first inhabitants have shown up, welcoming the liberators.

    The photographer has moved to a balcony on the first floor.
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    Thanks again...I think I will do a carrier with the recce 45 tac mark for the 10th mounted rifles. I have a decal for the "45" but I suppose I will have to freehand the 1st Polish Armored Div one.
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    The Poles were all equipped with British equipment. They do of course use Sherman etc but they are supplied through the British and not directly by the US. I would suggest the book that Owen points out. A very good account.

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    Many thanks to all you fellas...the reason I have been so quiet is that I joined several forums some time ago and was active on one in particular, but had some trouble with them, procedural, not political or hate mongering, which was fixed, but never got a "sorry", an apology, or anything...
    I'm getting too old for that kind of treatment, especially after what I been through.
    Thanks again...
    DocB (tbar)
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    I know that this is an an old topic, but i'm hoping the author is still on here.

    Firstly, the Poles were equipped by the British Army. They had British Battledress, webbing and equipment. Their tanks were largely British equipped Shermans and some units had Cromwells. General Maczecks command tank was a Cromwell.

    In order to do a 1st Polish Arnoured Div impression, you need to pick a specific unit. The units that had Bren Carriers are as follows:

    10th Dragoons
    1st Rifle Podhalanskich batallion
    8th Rifle Batallion
    9th Rifle Batallion
    Machine Gun Company

    Each of the above units had Cavalry Penons on their collars. As most were part of a Polish pre-war cavalry unit, they kept their colours to denote which unit they belonged to. Each was a different combination of colours.

    In terms of the battledress, either 37 pattern or 40 pattern is acceptable. The left epaulette is black, the insignia was a POLISH title on each shoulder and the Scaracens Head insignia on the left sleeve. Plus the above mentioned pennons.

    Headress was a steel helmet with a Polish eagle stencil on the front. Soft headress was a black beret (as it was an armoured division) with a polish army in exile cap badge.

    I am currently putting a 1st Armoured Div battledress together. It's a work in progress but I can ive pictures of it if you wish.
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    Welcome to the site tbar.

    They'd wear and use British kit.
    I've meant to buy this book but haven't yet.

    a good book to read
    and can be picked up fairly cheaply
  11. Buteman

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    a good book to read
    and can be picked up fairly cheaply

    I agree Clive. An excellent read. Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Vets who helped liberate the place where my Mum was living and working. When I thanked him and explained why, he gave me a big hug and kissed me on both cheeks. :lol:
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    Hi all,

    I've an account of a Polish armoured unit sustaining several casualties during Exercise LINK in UK 1943. The Poles apparently advanced straight through the covering barrage laid down by the R.A., the unit being 145 (Berks Yeo) Fd Regt. Had anyone heard of a similar incedent?

    Andrew French
  13. Would love to see how your model came along.

    I'm about to start building a Sherman VC Firefly and Humber of the 24th Lancers Regiment in memory of my grandfather, Stefan Zuraw.
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    A few photo’s from Library and Archives Canada showing Polish Div Commander meeting Canadian Press, and some Polish armoured vehicles on the move






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  15. Superb thank you.
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    Found another one in the archives

    Personnel of the Polish 1st Armoured Division with jeep somewhere in France, 7 August 1944

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