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    Another question , can copies of medals be ordered or can they only be claimed if they weren't issued or claimed . How could I find out if his medals were issued ? ... :) questions , questions ay :)
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    Yes replacements can be order but I they think have replacement written on the back. You can find out from service record I think. Dont recall how much they cost.

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    Does anyone know how I can find out about Jack Finlay who was also in the Ox and Buck LI. I am afraid that is all we know except that he was wounded and there is a photograph of him annotated "Aubigny March 1945". Would value any guidance.
  4. Is this still an active thread, as my grandad was Pt. Lathbury and was on Glider 4 and I really wish to gather as much information/advice on his experience as I can and I also have some information that may be of interest!
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    Hi GO,

    Did your Grandad separate from the Priday group at some point on the journey back to rejoin their battalion, the 2nd Ox and Bucks, on D-Day? I vaguely recall reading something about him and his capture, but can't place it at the moment. Anything you have to fill in the story concerning the men on the Coup-de-Main Horsa that went astray would be much appreciated.

    Recently I came across a Pathe still of your Grandad's glider on a Twitter account. I imagine it's a short clip, but I haven't been able to find it on British Pathe. See here:

    Glider 4 Pic - 6th Airborne Twitter

    Regards ...
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    I am not sure if this helps very much, but there was a display at Bletchley Park about the Ox's & Bucks, and a chap there who stated that he was on the 4th Glider. This was a few years ago!

    Dave L
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    Grandads Odyssey,

    I have Private Lathbury's POW questionnaire. Would you like me to forward it to you?

  8. Thank you for your replies.

    Unfortunately there is some ambiguity about why and how my grandad wasn't with the rest of the battalion (hence why I'm on here), but the story I was told was that Pte. Hedges and Grandad (assumed to be on their own) were receiving fire from Germans who were based in the farm house opposite the landing point adjacent to the River Dives and grandad was either given or had maps on him and was told by Pte. Hedges to jump into the water, which is assumed to be the River Dives, and he would cover for him with returning fire. Apparently grandad jumped into the water and heard Pte. Hedges get shot. My grandad was then hit by a phosphorus grenade that started burning his shoulder and I assume he had to swim to the shore where he was captured by the Germans and put in the cupboard in the opposite farmhouse (which I recently visited on the 05.06.13) where the soldiers were based. He was then taken to a Stalag IV-G (according to the earlier post - thank you for this information) and I'm not really sure of anything else. I was also told that he was sent to more than one Stalag, but again unsure.

    Dave L: Thank you for this information. I believe the chaps name is Titch Rayner, but I have been informed that ill health has prohibited any further attendance. Shame! :(

    I would to love to see his POW questionnaire, thank you Brithm
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    Can you post it on here so we can all see it :)
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    Grandads' Odyssey & Drew,

    As requested, I wanted to put this up before I go to bed, I am trying to collate information on 6th Airborne POWs for hopefully a future book so any other info would be great.

    If you would like to see the original it is in WO 344/180/1 at the National Archives only three pages (I am having trouble with TNA catalogue at the moment due to its' infancy, I prefered the old classic catalogue).

    Here is Allwood's Escape & Evasion interrogation which mentions Pte. Lathbury in the glider, I'll see if I can find anything else.

    hope these are of help

  11. Thank you Brithm that's really interesting.
  12. brithm

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  13. Hello brithm, the previous link you posted unfortunately won't load! Is there another link I could try please?
  14. Also, can anyone suggest where would be best for me to find my Grandad's service record? I did see the previous link in this thread, but just wondered if I would be able to get more information from a specific barracks? Thanks to everyone for all their help to date.
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    The link was suppossed to be to the first photo below of Glider 94 from the Calvados Archive which landed at the bridge at Varaville Perriers-en-Auge, it is still a very good landing even though the wrong bridge.

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  16. That's a great post. Thank you.
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    Hi GO,

    One possibility is The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum:

    Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum - Home

    The grave of Private Hedges can bee seen here:


    Regards ...
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    Hi great to see some more adds to here and great to see another grandchild of the 6 th airborne . My dad said he visited your grandad , he was very ill after working down mines ? Xx
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    They were mates back in the barracks and there beds were next to one another !! :)
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    Can anyone help with 5384798 Pte AWS SPOKES Ox & Bucks LI POW but not sure which Bn or when captured? Thanks so much, hugely impressed by the information you Ox & Bucks experts have at your fingertips!

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