201 Sqn Sunderland W4025 + Convoy WS21 Friendly fire

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    My father B E H Layne was attached to 201 Squadron and usually flew Sunderland W6005 in which he logged 606 hours. His best known flight was his attack on U-518 on 27 June 1943. Two days prior he had a fight with a Ju88 which I have never been able to identify. In all he engaged four U Boats. Who can I communicate with to try and find out more about my (now late) father's 201 days to help put a story together? I was drawn to this forum by finding reference to Traill's unfortunate shooting down in W4025. Dad was on his crew but fortunately stayed back at base to look after a Sunderland in danger of being blown ashore in foul weather.
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    Just been having another look at this thread with Dad's (Brian Layne) logbook nearby. Seems surreal to see some of those names and aircraft featuring in both sources of information. He did his first A/S Escort in W4003 withF/Lt Spink and on 13 August 1942 he was 2nd pilot in W4000, flown by F/Lt (Sandy?) Powell when they attacked a U Boat, which I understand, from information supplied by Gudmunder Helgason, was U406.

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