205th Battery, 52nd Anti-Tank Regiment, R.A.

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    L/Bdr. 1061143 Thomas Boot,
    205 Battery, 52 AT Regiment

    KiA 22 May 1940

    Struggling to decipher what happened to him.

    As far as I can see the 205th Battery moved into an anti-tank position under 138th Brigade on Sunday 19 May 1940 along the River Scarpe at St. Amand-les-Eaux.

    I think then that there was some sort of British counter attack at about the time of his death.

    Wondered if Andy could help, please, with the WD, to help clear up the matter,

    Many thanks,


  2. Drew5233

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    From the regiments war diary - Not a lot to go on really:

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  3. graeme

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    Hi Andy,

    Once again, many thanks for posting the diary, really appreciate it.

    As you say, not a lot however it is what they deemed correct to record at the time so just as important,

    Cheers and regards,

  4. amberdog45

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    Graeme, do you have access to any of the newspaper archives? His death is announced in the newspaper named in the attached.

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  5. graeme

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    Hi AD,

    Unfortunately not, however it does look like just a list,


  6. LondonNik

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    Hi Graeme,

    Most sources agree that it was 206 battery, 52nd Anti-tank regiment that took part in the attack around Arras on 21st may 1940 however the regiment war diary is extremely sparse so it's anyone's guess what actually happened as I've no sources from that unit at all!
    Good luck with your search.

  7. skimmod

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    Hello Nick,

    would you be able to furnish me with a few pages from the 206's War Diary?
    I'm after a few details on their actions alongside 17th Infantry Brigade under Stopford on the 26th-28th May.

    Particularly the name of the commanding officer and also any information on their locations. (I have an unconfirmed local diary that says 4 guns were set up alongside the 2nd RSF BHQ in the Vergotte Farm (near the 1918 bunker).

    much appreciated.

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  8. LondonNik

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    Hi Iain - I have only seen 52nd A/Tk regt diary and the War Diaries don't go down as far as individual batteries although some diaries are better than this one. I didn't make note of the battalion officers I'm afraid. The 52nd A/Tk regt War Diary really wasn't helpful and Drew has posted the pages above. Sorry I can't be of more assistance, Best regards,

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  9. Drew5233

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    There is no 206 AT Battery diary for May 1940 in the WO 167 series.
  10. skimmod

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    thanks Drew and Nick. I think I've finally worked out who it was. Unfortunately it looks like he didnt survive the action as I have found his temporary grave reference not far from their gun line. Major Hewett was noted as killed by artillery on the 27th as the troop was limbering their guns to withdraw from the Vergotte Farm road.

    One more question, if you can help?

    do you have a copy of "MTP 19 - Tactical Handling of Anti-tank Regiments"?

    and if so, can you tell me what the manual says about the typical layout of the gun line?

    thanks again and best regards to you both
  11. Drew5233

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    I don't have a copy. How's the book coming on Iain?
  12. Stuart Avery

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    Iain, its just a thought, have you tried asking on a different part of the forum for this book? Two members I can think of,are idler & dryan67. These chaps have more books than the British Library. Someone will have it.:cool:

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  13. MarkN

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    MTP 19 = Military Training Pamphlet No19.

    Copy at Kew reading and waiting for a somebody to place an order with Drew5233. ;)
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  14. Stuart Avery

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    the attachments are from The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers 1919-1950. Not sure if they are of use, but I thought I would post them. The war diaries of the 2nd Battalion & other papers were captured when the Headquarters was overwhelmed, and they were never recovered. I'm dipping my toe into something that I know not much about .

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  15. skimmod

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    Cheers Stuart. (and Drew and Nick)
    I'm re-writing the history of these fine fellows and have the original letters that this book was based on! I've also spoken to two survivors who were there and one German who was in the area at the time. It's fascinating stuff, especially as you say the records were destroyed before capture, but also the re-created records were destroyed in a fire at the HHQ in 1980.
    So it's been a 15 year project to get this far!

    P.S. Drew, the book is slowly tickling along, work keeps getting in the way!!
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