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    Lance Corporal Donald Boulton MM, 246 Field Company, 3rd Division, 1 Corps, Royal Engineers.

    Awarded Military Medal.

    During the attack by 1 Suffolk Regt. on D Day on the highly developed strongpoint Hillman it became necessary to clear a gap through the perimeter minefield so that armour could pass into the position. A previous breach by infantry accomplished in the face of heavy defensive fire had been stopped and progress brought to a standstill.

    A neighbouring sector was chosen for the new breach, an assualt mine clearance team (consisting of an officer L/Cpl Boulton and a Sapper) crawled forward into the exposed area of the minefield to locate the mines.

    L/Cpl Boulton operated his detector with the utmost coolness under heavy fire from small arms and mortars and within close range of concrete emplacements.

    Having successfully located the mines in an 8 yard gap L/Cpl Boulton returned for demolition charges and again entered the minefield where he placed and fired demolition charges by which the mines were cleared.

    The success of this gapping operation, undertaken with the utmost bravery and cool determination under close fire, must have been the deciding factor in the quick reduction of a formidable objective.

    Dated 31.8.45
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