23rd Hussars, list of all officers?

Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by 8RB, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I've just picked up on this thread and am really impressed by the level of research that has gone on here. My great uncle was in C Squadron 15/19 Hussars in the later part of the war (arrived in France in August 44) however, I am somewhat of a collect of all things 15/19 - including service dress and photographs regarding Edward Deeming (features prominently in the Black Bull by Patrick Delaforce). To give some relevance to this post. I have recently acquired a small pack named to Capt J Watson 15/19 and was looking to do some research on him (I only have the short extract from within Courage's regimental history this far) - would love to find an original photo of him! TIA

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