23rd Hussars - The Black Bull:11th Armoured Division

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    Hi Tom, thanks very much for that. I recognised your cap badge straight away as my good friend Charles Stone is a veteran and fought with the 49th recce regiment during the war.It really is a small world and great to be amongst so many enthusiasts, regards Kieron
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    Hello there just a quick update on my Grandad Francis Mohan, My Grandmother believes that he served with the signals. Would this help in anyway to discover the role that he may have had in the 23rd ?
    Regards Mohan
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    Here are the regiments war diaries-drop me a PM if you'd like a copy of any:

    WO 166/1373 23 Hussars. 1940 Dec.- 1941 Dec.
    WO 166/6893 23 Hussars. 1942 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 166/11075 23 Hussars 1943 Jan.-Dec.
    WO 171/847 23 Hussars 1944 Jan.- Sept.
    WO 171/848 23 Hussars 1944 Oct.- Dec.
    WO 171/4693 23 Hussars 1945 Jan.- Dec.

    Click on the red link below for more details
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    Thank you for posting the link to the Regimental History, provides some very useful background information on the moves of HQ 29 Armoured Brigade in May 1945.
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    Hi just joined. My father was in the 23rd hussars. 11th armoured division I have his book "a history of the 11th armoured division " I will at some point read it. His name was John shields and he was called up whilst studying German at glasgow university. Unfortunately he passed away nine years ago and was just before this beginning to tell me about his war experiences. Looking forward to reading all the interesting facts here. Are there any photographs. I have one of him which I will try to upload at some point.
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    Hi, I am looking for some help and information if possible!
    My Dad, BR (Dickie) Dowling joined the 10th Royal Hussars (about 1930) and served in India before transferring to the newly formed 23rd Hussars.
    I know he boxed for the regiment at some stage. He was a Sergeant in B squadron tanks and wounded at Gerwen(The Netherlands) on 21st Sept 1944.
    He was awarded the French Croix de Guerre together with Major TE Harte. I am trying to find out the circumstances surrounding why he (and Major Harte) received this medal. Any help gratefully received!
    Dad died in 1986 aged 72. and would have been 100 this year!
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    Unless someone can get it for free, you can pay £3.36 & get a copy of the citation here.

    WO 373/186/1548


    Name Dowling, Bernard Richard Rank: Serjeant Service No: 317231 Regiment: 23 Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps Theatre of Combat or Operation: Foreign to British: France Award: Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star

    and Harte

    WO 373/186/1354


    Harte, Thomas Edward



    Service No:



    23 Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps

    Theatre of Combat or Operation:

    Foreign to British: France


    Croix de Guerre with Vermillion Star
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    You can download a copy of his citation from the National Archives for the princely sum of £3.36:

    Dowling, Bernard Richard

    Also, Maj Harte's

    It's possible one of our members might already have this (the files were available for free once upon a time) so you may want to hold fire for a day or two.
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    From The Story of the Twenty-Third Hussars 1940-1946:

    That caught my eye as Nunen/Nuenen/Neunen was the setting for the Holland/Operation Market Garden episode of Band of Brothers, though their action was a day or two before.
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    Thanks Gents, I am most grateful I
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    Dad was Brewed at Neunen by a Panzer in woods near Gerwen, all five of the crew were wounded. He received the Croix de Guerre for his actions at Cheux and Caen, He was brewed at Caen but was unscathed and "walked under fire to a nearby tank which had been hit, to render first aid to the crew". At Le Bas Perrier Although having his own tank damaged he took over command when his Troop Leader was killed. It goes on to say that he was an inspiration to his Troop and Crew and during the advance across France he displayed utmost dash, many times as point tank to the Squadron, and was always very quick to find and engage the enemy. He was recommended for the award by Lt Col RP Harding. Well Done Dad. :pipe:
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    Hello, friends and family of the 23rd Hussars can you help me?

    On the 4th of September 1944, C squadron of the 23rd Hussars liberated the city of Mechelen (Malines).
    Who can identify the man on the tank and the recce vehicle?
    I’m also looking for info on what happened at Walem bridge, there was a holdup an a fight but not mentioned in the History.
    The City of Mechelen is planning a celebration and a contact with the veterans association of the Hussars would be welcome.

    Sincerely , Filip Doms Belgium

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    Filip - nice pictures and as promised here is the page from the units war diary

    WO 171/847 23 Hussars Jan-Sept 1944
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    The 23rd Hussars old comrades used to meet annually in Bridlington but they disbanded their association in 2005. Forum member Grimmy had in depth knowledge and contact with them but recently left this forum but may use a similar name on other forums. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but hopefully these are some clues to help you. Many Old Comrades Associations disbanded in 2004 and 2005 due to dwindling numbers and travel problems and having also been in existence for 60 years.
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    Hello, sorry for the late response, thanks for the info. I will try to locate Grimmy true Bridlington. It’s true that our living history is fading away every day. I ‘am very pleased with the war diary pictures, its a good source of info.
    Thanks again, Filip
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    Grimmy was the son of a serving member of the wartime 23rd Hussars

    I may be able to contact him privately through another forum of which he was an active member for a time

    i will brief you privately of any developments.
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    I am also in occasional contact with a wartime member of the 23rd Hussars and also the son of another member of the 23rd Hussars.
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    In the Hussars history on page 137 – 138 there is mention of sapper Officer who dismantled a bomb on a bridge and a Sergeant Hoggins and a Captain Weiner, who has a trace to this men?
    Who can explain me the structure or who was who in (page 137) H Company, C Squadron and the Recce Troop – Third and fourth Troop of C the leading troop of C Squadron.
    There is a story that the Inns of Court entered Malines on a different bridge? Any confirmation or trace on this story?
    Have a nice day (puzzle) Filip
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    The Inns of Court Yeomanry were 11 Armoured Division's Reconnaisance Regiment.

    It would perfectly possible for the two Regiments you mention to enter the city at the same time from slightly different directions.

    The facts are probably contained in the Regiment's War Diaries held in National Archives in Kew.

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