25th Dragoons Nominal Roll

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  1. NikToo

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    Would anyone happen to have a nominal roll for the 25th Dragoons, or possibly a list of those personnel from the 3rd Carabiniers who went there?
  2. timro21

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    Unfortunately not, but my father (Bertram O'Connell Roberts) was a tank commander in the 25th Dragoons and fought in the battle of the Admin Box.
  3. richardmiles

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    My father, Eric Talbot Shakespear Miles, a volunteer from Argentina, was a Lieutenant, in command of three Lee Grants in Troop 4, B Squadron, 25th Dragoons in the "Battle of the Admin Box" in February 1944.His Troop led the relief of the Red Cross Hospital with Companies of the "West Yorks".His gunner/loader was John Leyin, who wrote the excellent book, "Tell them of us". His driver was John Monger, who was awarded the MM.John Leyin died in June 2013 and my father died aged 92 on the 25th March 2014.As far as I am aware, he was the last living survivor of the Battle of the Admin Box".
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  4. Warlord

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    Thanks to a certain Moose (a.k.a. Owen), my copy of "Tell Them of Us" will be on its way from Blighty to me in a short while, so if no one comes up with any relevant intel, I'll be glad to check the book as soon as it arrives. It will take a while because it will be travelling on supersaver shipping (RM economy surface, that is :biggrin: ) but it'll get here sooner than later.
  5. richardmiles

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    Your father is mentioned in "Some Letters from Burma. The story of the 25th Dragoons at War". By Tom Grounds.
  6. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    "Tell Them of Us" is an excellent book but also suggest "Some letters from Burma. The Story of the 25th Dragoons at War."By Tom Grounds. It has a comprehensive index and a Roll of 25th Dragoons killed in Burma 1944-1945
  7. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Regimental War Diaries:

    WO 172/693 25 Dragoons 1942 May - Dec.
    WO 172/2254 25 Dragoons 1943 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 172/4593 25 Dragoons 1944 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 172/4594 25 Dragoons Light Aid Detachment 1944 Jan.- Mar.
    WO 172/7340 25 Dragoons 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 172/10048 25 Dragoons 1946 Jan.- July, Sept.- Nov.

  8. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    Where can I source these?
  9. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    from the National Archives in Kew, London.
    either visit yourself or get someone to take photos of them.
    Andy - Drew5233 - above & Lee aka psywar.org both do copying services as do a few other members now & again.
  10. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    Many thanks. Somewhere I have my father's Troop Commander's book with the names of his men and their peacetime occupations. Will try to find it.
  11. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    Have now found my father's Troop Roll Book "B" Squadron, 1 Troop, 25th Dragoons, but post Battle of the Admin Box.
    Briefly, those in this Troop were Sgt Merchant of Kent, Cpl Darwin of Shipton, Yorks,Cpl Shaw of Dorset,L/Cpl Stacey of Yorkshire,L/Cpl Waddy,Tpr Birks, Lancs?, Tpr J. E. Beckitt of Pinton St, Bootle, Liverpool, Tpr W.J. Chipperfield of Crawley, Sussex,Tpr Luff of Petworth, Sussex, Tpr R. Matthews of Derbyshire, Tpr J. Moody of Newcastle,Tpr J. Muir of Liverpool,Tpr Rootes of Staplehurst, Kent,Tpr D.J Wood of Scotland.

    Troop Leader's Sherman tank No 146853. Commander Lt Miles, Driver Cpl. Shaw,2nd Dvr Birks, Optr Chipperfield, Gnr. Rootes.
    2nd tank. Sgt. Merchant, Moody,Beckitt,Matthews,L/cpl Stacey.
    3rd tank. Cpl Darwin, Luff, Muir,L/cpl Waddy, Wood.

    List of arms were three Brownings, signalling pistol and a quadrant.
  12. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Some Lee and Grant names:-

    A Squadron
    AUK ( Grant)
    SURREY (turretless – possible ARV)

    B Squadron HQ
    BURY T25252
    BALMORAL T25814
    BARMING T25925 ( T25650 replacement )
    BARNSLEY T25902
    4 Troop
    BAGSHOT T26202
    BERWICK T25860
    BRISTOL T25654 ( T25928 replacement )
    6 Troop
    BATH T26136
    BOGNOR T25801
    BRIGAND T25236
    7 Troop
    BEXHILL T25893
    BURNLEY T25818
    BUXTON T25237
    Other B Squadron – Troop unknown
    Squadron and Troop unknown

    I hope this is of some interest and if anyone can add anything please let me know.



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  13. richardmiles

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    John Leyin told me that my father had SEAC emblazoned on his tank, as Troop 4 leader, B squadron. It caused some consternation as some of the crew, including John, thought it would be targeted as a result! Good book just out. Burma '44 by James Holland. Found it by chance, when looking for a book at the airport after my flight was delayed! All about the Battle of the Admin Box.
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  14. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    There is a list in the 1943 War Diaries of the 25th Dragoons.
  15. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    Hi Kevin,my father was troop leader of 4 troop, B Squadron. His tank caught fire and was destroyed after the exhaust overheated when dragging out under tow another tank of his troop, which had been hit down the turret hatch, killing two men, who had been laying out cordite charges. He and his men were provided with a replacement the next morning. I think from your list, it could have been "Bristol".
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  16. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

    Kevin, serial numbers of the Lee tanks in 25th Dragoons in war diary dated 4th March 1944.(just tried to upload but file is too large)
  17. richardmiles

    richardmiles Active Member

  18. Owen

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    I can't see the image you posted, all I get is this...

    no image showing.JPG
  19. richardmiles

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    Unfortunately the file was deleted as being too large.
  20. DavidCarr10

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    Hi chaps, I'm looking to source more information on the Lee tanks used by 25 Dragoons. Specifically T25989 does anyone know if this tank was used by them? And if so, who its crew may have been, name of tank and any providence for this (copies of the war diary)
    Many thanks dave

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