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    I am looking for somebody who could provide me with a photograph of a Bristol Beaufighter belonging to 272 Squadron RAF. It should show an airplane in te colour and markings as it was used by that particular squadron in April 194 when it was based inNorth Africa.

    The photo is thought to be used in a publication.
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    Hi Kuno,

    I know nothing about the markings in this photo at this link. Someone else may know.

    Google Image Result for http://www.independentscuba.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/fighter-archive-300x102.jpg

    “On 17th March 1943 at 1125 hours nine Beaufighters of No 272 squadron took off to escort nine Beauforts of No 39 Squadron on a shipping strike of Point Stelo. At 1138 hours Beau fighter ‘N,’ with Sgt Donald Frazee at the controls and Sgt Sandery as observer, began to vibrate violently and lost speed rapidly. There was no option but to ditch the aircraft and this was accomplished at 100mph in a slight swell about 1000 yards off Dragonara Point, Sliema. As all this took place close to shore, persons watching informed Fighter Control but Maltese dghajsas reached the crew some five minutes before rescue launch HSL 166 arrived on the spot. The air crew was transferred to the launch.” (Extract from the book ‘Call Out’, a wartime diary of air/sea rescue operations at Malta by Frederick R. Galea).
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    Beaufighter Mark IC, T3316 ‘M’, of No. 272 Squadron RAF, on the ground at Idku, Egypt


    Bristol Beaufighter Mark IC, T3314 ‘O’, of No. 272 Squadron RAF, running up its engines at Idku, Egypt.

    And more photos of the same Squadron over Malta you have here
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    Also seen at Edku in Mid-1941 is T3316/M of No 272 Sqn, which, among other things, was involved in operations against Syria when flown by Belgian pilot Sgt le Jeune. He flew several sorties over Turkish waters while searching for a Vichy French Tanker

    Also some drawings here, here and here
  5. Kuno

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    @ Sol; great - the first two pics are really impressive ones and they would depict the correct area and time. Thank you very much!
  6. Kuno

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    ...ordering these pics was an interesting experience :)
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    Donald Weston Frazee was stationed in Malta and was a pilot office when he was shot down off the Cape Granitola 8 May 1943. Don was the nephew of my Great grand father Ernest Albert Frazee. I had been in touch with Don's younger brother John in Vancouver and we exchange some information. John passed away 5 Mar 2012. Also the tireless searches by Jamie Duquette for his great uncle who dies the same day after no fuel and bailing out.
    It is good to find information on Don Weston Frazee. I was told by my grandmother there was another Frazee with wife and children who was shot down. I recall he was in bomber command out of England. I do periodic searches for him. Can not recall his first name as it was so many years ago. Again thank for this site, I will spend hours looking through the vast information. All the best, Ron
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    I'm writing a book about the History of 272 Squadron. If anybody could give me information and pictures that I maybe can us in the book would be very appreciated.

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    Hi, I'm a new member too. My father was in 272 squadron SqL Anthony Watson . I have collected quite a lot of material from the Internet and books which I will gladly share. Best regards, Wyndrush.
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    Good morning - my dad was a Beaufighter pilot in 272 in Sardinia. I've put his complete logbook online - google 272 Squadron Beaufighter.
    Use whatever you like!
    all the best, Eryl Powell
  11. John Nice

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    My Grandfather Cyril F Cutting flew with your father in 272 squadron. I would love to be able to share memories. He had a great deal of respect for your dad. All the best, John.
  12. John Nice

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    johnson_nice@hotmail.com - my mum is his daughter

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