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Discussion in 'Airborne' started by wtid45, May 2, 2010.

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    I will private message you
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    Okay, you don't have access to Private Message so here is my reply:

    Hi mate,

    My great grandad was I would say best friends with Terry Toogood, he used to talk about him a lot and were members of the Parachute Regiment Association together. They would help each other organise the Airborne Forces Day celebrations for Hampshire I believe. I have a family video I would say from 1994 where my grandad mentions Terry and him organising the Airborne Forces Day celebrations. When my grandad died in 1997 Terry went to his funeral along with I think James Woolgar MM, James Cronin, Major Proudman?
    As I said they were best friends, I think I have some pics of ABF day which may very well include Terry. Do you have any pics of Terry in the post war years at Remembrance Day or ABF day as they may well include my grandad. For ref my grandads name was Albert James Creed, he was known as slapsy. Might be worth asking relatives if they remember his name?

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    Hello Chris,

    I appreciate this is now a very old post, however it would appear you and I are family as he was also my great grandfather. When he past away in 2009 he left his medals to my grandmother, it would be great to get in contact to show
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    my dad Henry Parry was one was one,he was discharged for being under age at the end of operation market garden.
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    He must have been very young.
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    he was 15 when he joined,operation market garden was 2 weeks after his 16 birthday
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    That was young! I have heard a few stories about those who joined-up underage. One tells me he joined-up thinking if he waited the war would be over before he got a chance to fight.
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    he was in 4 regiments,the general service corps,the kings regiment,the manchester regiment and the parachute regiment.I am waiting to get his full service history but i picked the wrong time to send off for it,i will have a long wait.
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    I'm sure when you get his service history it will make it worthwhile. One of the veterans who is helping me was 5 para. Quite a character and terrific man.
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