2nd Bn Glasgow Highlanders tartan question..

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    I’m having a memorial picture done (in tribune to my late grandfather), involving his cap badge and tartan.
    I keep searching around and there seems to be conflicting information online as to the tartan worn. Some say it was McKenzie as worn by HLI, but other state it was Black Watch tartan.
    I’ve got a photo here of grandad in his kit and would say it looks more Black Watch. I’m really keen to get it right, so any help/input would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Mr Malone - the tartan of 2 GH was Government 1A which was the same tartan as the Black Watch - The Glasgow Highlanders in 1908 were brought into the HLI and known as The Glasgow Highlanders (9th HLI) the other HLI units wore 5A McKenzie Tartan - during WW1 the GH raised 3 Battalions and 2 in WW2 - 1 GH was part of the 52nd Lowland Division and 2 GH was part of 15th Scottish Division - Hope this helps

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