2nd Northants Yeomanry - when did they arrive in Normandy after D-Day?

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    Hello, apologies if I'm not posting this in the correct place. I would like to try to pinpoint when my father arrived in Normandy and when/where he was injured. His name appears in the casualty list at the back of a book titled 'The 1st and 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry 1939-1946' - Tpr Howard, T.A. All I know is that he went out some time after D-Day and at some point he and another person had to dive under a lorry when they were under attack. My dad survived, although quite badly injured, but the other person was killed. I believe my dad was a medical orderly. If anyone could point me in the best direction to try and find some precise information, that would be great. I do have his army number, but I'm not sure of the best place to try. Thank you.
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    The best bet would be to invest £30 in his service record from the MoD - they are the only place to get it. That should answer those questions and more.
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    Thank you.
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    The Regimental history records that 'the Regiment, less "B" Squadron and "B" Echelon, landed on "NAN" Beach about a mile West of Courseulles-sur-Mer' on 18 June 1944. It looks like B Squadron didn't land until 11th July.

    I hope that helps.


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    Thank you.
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    Casualty list 1529 dated 19th August 1944 includes:

    13021283 HOWARD Trp TA / 2 North'n Yeo / wounded 3.8.44

    On same list, wounded same day, same regiment:
    7915867 GIBSON Tpr RY
    14270705 BRACE Tpr TV
    7896828 NEWMAN Tpr CG
    7915893 SOPP Tpr CD

    May well be others.

    According to CWGC no Northamptonshire Yeomanry killed that day.
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    Thank you so much, the date was one of the main things my sisters and I were looking for. I'm thinking of applying to the MoD for his service record. Any idea if this might indicate where in Normandy he was injured?
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    I assume 13021283 was the correct man?

    Service records will give a broad, but essential, overview of his service, the units, embarkation & disembarkation dates. The should also contain information on dates of injuries and possibly casualty clearing stations, hospitals may be mentioned.

    Best bet is to get them and if you post copies on here folks will give help in deciphering the abbreviations used.
    Things to look out for are:
    SOS - 'struck off strength' this is where he leaves the role of one unit, and
    TOS - 'taken on strength' where he joins a unit.
    There may be references to X lists which indicate injuries etc.

    It should be remembered that soldiers often transferred between regiments and the records will show when and where. Once you have a detailed timeline of his service you can then research the relevant war diaries that should give a picture of the dates and places he served. Quiet often locations can be pinpointed exactly by means of map references that are often included.

    The service records will only make you more prouder than you already are.

    You will need a copy of his death certificate, if you haven't got this they can be obtained. Come back if you need help.
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    For reference the army number: 13021283 indicates that the soldier's original unit or date joined was:
    "(Royal) Pioneer Corps"
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    Yes, spot on, thank you.
    Ah, that's interesting. I have seen a Royal Pioneer Corps badge and wrongly assumed it may perhaps have been handed down to Dad by someone else. I'm intrigued to know how he got from Royal Pioneer Corps to 2nd Northants Yeomanry. He was born in Norfolk, worked as a gardener and moved to Surrey in the 1930s, and enlisted in May 1940. I couldn't find anything on Ancestry or Find My Past when I checked yesterday, but having just looked at his Army Book (Soldier's Service and Pay Book) I see that his year of birth is out by a year!
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    If you have access to FMP then I guess you had already seen the casualty lists; apart from those and some POW details you will not find individual WW2 records online, you have to get the service records.

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