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    Looking for copy Sept 44 WD XXX Corps WO 171/341.
    Did anyone ever receive a copy?
    Will pay cost, postage etc
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    Hi, Asking the same question.

    Looking for the WD from XXX Corps WO 171/341 September 1944

  3. Ramiles

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    Re. Château de la Noë | WW2Talk

    WO 171/352 - 30 Corps CRE - June 1944 - TracesOfWar.com


    NORMANDY 11 1300 Beached – short wade – King, Red Beach.
    11 1420 Arrived Longfellow assembly area.
    11 1800 Joined CRE. Office opened.
    11 2145 CRE Coy Comds conference.
    12 1200 CE Op Order No 2 recd.
    13 1800 CRE Coy Comds conference.
    14 0830 Moved to new location MR 800763 (S of BAYEUX).

    ------- x -------

    The reference to the "Longfellow assembly area" - Google seems to "find" currently...

    D-Day "Longfellow assembly area" - Google Search

    War Diary: 211 Field Park Company RE

    France. 9-12th June 1944

    Considerable delay in off-loading. Vehicles off-loaded to L.C.Ts A.L.Cs. etc and ferried to
    beaches. Considerable assistance given to ships crew in unloading of vehicles e. g. operating winches,
    superintending parking in L.C.Ts. Delay would have been greater but for this assistance.
    1st Party proceeded on shore with vehicles as brought forward from holds. O.C. and Capt. Harris
    disembarked evening 9 and proceeded to contact C.R.E. Party assembled in transit area LONGFELLOW
    by 11. Moved to R.E. embarkation Area at RYES 11. 12 moved to Bayeux Sta 790792.

    Longfellow - was perhaps rather reminiscent of Longues - though that may be merely coincidence.

    Normandy War Guide - searched with the keyword "Longfellow"

    Screenshot (113).png
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    Re. 30 Corps HQ - 13d6m1944 & 14d6m1944...




    Filmed - apparently - 13d6m1944...


    I. The camera observes personnel serving with 30th Corps Headquarters (sited a few miles away from Bayeux at Nonant) going about their normal business, in particular officers studying a large map table showing the dispositions of British and German forces in the shelter of a canvas awning draped over two command lorries. 30th Corps commanders, Lieutenant-General G C Bucknall (in casual clothes), his Chief of Staff, Brigadier Pyman, and Major Hastings from the 4/7th Dragoon Guards walk towards the camera. Bucknall sets off in his own jeep with Hastings and two wireless operators for the Dragoon Guards' HQ (?).

    II. Three Royal Signallers from 30th Corps' HQ examine the remains of a Messerschmitt Bf 109 'Gustav' fighter shot down near Bayeux in the course of a 'tip and run' raid on the Allied beach-head in Normandy. III. Shermans belonging to the 8th Armoured Brigade (24th Lancers ?), a Centaur 95mm close-support gun, tanks from No 2 Battery Royal Marine Armoured Support Group and a single Austin K5 3-ton lorry proceed along the Bayeux - Tilly-sur-Seulles (?) road to join 50th (Northumbrian) Division's 151st Brigade.

    See also - Nr. Bayeux or Tilly Sur Seulles - could anyone help further identify where these Sherman tanks are?

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