315277 (14406224) Graeme Murray WALKER, Royal Scots Greys

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    From Bovington to Silverstone via Opal Fruits a talk by Murray Walker
    Last night I went to The Tank Museum at Bovington with 2 of my chums, forum member , 'mollusc' & another mate Yo'.
    We went to see a talk by Murray Walker , the motor racing commentator, WW2 Veteran & all round good egg.

    We got there about 17.30 as we had tickets for the curry meal before the talk.
    After that we had a wander around the museum, well the parts that were open .
    It's changed somewhat since 'mollusc' & I first went there as schoolboys in the early-80s.
    Murray was there looking very smart in his Regimental tie & regimental badge. He had served in the Royal Scots Greys .
    My mate Yo asked Murray if there was any chance of signing his book.
    David Willey,the museum curator, said we're doing that afterwards but Murray asked what book it was , Yo told him it was his autobiography , Murray said 'I'll sign that then.'
    Prompty sat down on the podium & signed Yo's book. I did mention they'd met before , at Thruxton.
    The talk started at 19.30 & was very entertaining. Starting from his joining the Army in October 1942 , through his wartime service , briefly mentioning his 35 years in advertising & alot about his time involving motorsport.
    Afterwards there was a short Q&A session , most questions were about F1 , a few about the TT but I asked the only one about tanks.
    (That was me , if any other members were there)
    ''Murray , what were your views on the Sherman tank?''
    He said he had they were very reliable, his had a Chrysler diesel engine & they were excellent vehicles for the advance to Lubeck & Wismar after the Rhine crossing. He said he didnt fancy being in a Churchill as they required more maintenence but glad he hadnt had to fight in a Sherman in Normandy.

    An excellent evening was had by all, I estimate there were around 400 people there .
    Here's a few pics off my phone.

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    Ah, dear old Muddly Talker! Always good value, still bright as a button, vastly enthusiastic about anything with wheels that goes fast.

    Nice little anecdote for you Owen - courtesy of Doug Nye: in later life, when living in an isolated cottage (no mains electric or water!), the sainted Jenks (Denis Sargent Jenkinson, former Continental Correspondent of Motor Sport etc etc) found he'd been adopted by a wandering cat. He wasn't much of a one for pets, but the cat stayed anyway, so Jenks named it Murray on the grounds that it was very vocal, would never shut up and never said anything intelligible! This was actually a sign of affection for said moggie, since he and Muddly were good friends.
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    I am jealous, and you know it.
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    Seems you had a nice day/night Owen.

    Murray Walker driving tank at Bovington and talking about the war (among other things)

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    Not the best pic of him but I saw Murray again yesterday.

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    Murray Walker 92 today.


    How do we know where Captain Murray Walker of the Royal Scots Greys was in August and September 1944 ?
    What was his function in this regiment ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    Yours sincerely.


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    I never knew MW was in the Greys. Couldn't have been many awkward silences in the mess! :)
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    Good evening, it's while consulting your answers that I realize my mistake.
    I started from the following text, accompanying the photographs posted earlier: Captain Murray Walker of the 4th Armoured Brigade, Sherman Tank commander 1944 .
    there were other armoured units at 4th armoured brigade.
    What unit are we talking about? 44 RTR? 3/4 CLY or other ?

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    In both photos he is wearing the Scots Greys cap-badge so it is likely that he was serving with his regiment. He could however have been with HQ 4th Armd Bde. A check of the list of officers in the war diaries would prove this either way - sadly I cannot help with their provision. It would be very unlikely that he would have been serving with 44RTR and 3/4CLY.
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    Personal Number: 315277
    Army Number: 14406224 [General Service Corps, Block Allocation 14200001 - 15000000]
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Name: Graeme Murray WALKER
    Unit: Royal Armoured Corps

    London Gazette : 19 May 1944
    The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts.: —
    16th Apr. 1944:—
    14406224 Graeme Murray WALKER (315277).

    London Gazette : 15 June 1996
    To be Ordinary Officers of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:
    Graeme Murray WALKER. For services to Broadcasting and to Motor Sports.
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    Happy 97th Murray.

    2020-10-10 10.48.19.png
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