3530919 Pte S L Barwick Manchester Regiment

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    I am currently researching the above named soldier who served with the Manchester regiment from 1939 until transfer tothe 44th RTR in late 1940 or early 1941, I believe. He was with the Manchesters at Dunkirk and I believe he may have won the DCM whilst with them. In 1939 he won the recruit lightweight boxing championship whilst at Ladysmiths Barracks, Ashton-under-Lyne, the Manchesters regimental depot. Is there a Manchesters expert out there who could verify any of this, particularly as regards the award of the DCM and also confirm which battalion of the Manchesters he was serving with?


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    like a stuck record
    apply for his service record to get more detail you will not find anything on the internet even though there are a few sites that promise if you pay a fee they will have the info and they do not

    date of birth and death cert if what is required
    Get a copy of military service records
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    Thanks All. Grateful for your help and suggestions

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    3530919 BARWICK L/Cpl SL 44 RTR

    Casualty List No. 861 dated 27 June 1942
    Middle East/Western Desert/ Missing believed POW, date of casualty 2.6.42

    Casualty List No. 892 dated 3 August 1942
    POW (Previously reported as missing)

    Casualty List No. 941 dated 29 September 1942
    Wounded and POW

    Casualty List No. 1147 dated 29 May 1943
    Previously reported missing and POW now reported died 14.4.43


    His service number confirms that he enlisted with the Manchester Regiment and, as advised above, you best obtain his service records to establish his service details. As he died in service you do not need a death certificate.

    Looks like his birth was registered as Leonard Sydney Q2 1910 at Bodmin, Volume 5c Page: 60.

    He left sailed from Liverpool 24 April 1913 with his mother and siblings and returned from Canada 17 April 1939, apparently without the family. His proposed UK address was 'c/o War Office, London'. His occupation was 'Tractor operator'.

    Parents Frederick Joseph Barwick and Mary Grace Barnecott married Q4 1904 Cornwall.
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    No direct answers to the specific questions re the boxing and DCM apols. There's info out there re his time in RTR as POW and death on CWGC sites...... have you seen this previous post on this forum and this facebook group post? Would reinforce suggestions re Service records and regimental specific forum search.
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    Again thanks to you all. The facebook page was particularly interesting


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