3rd Airlanding Anti Tank Battery

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    Hi all,

    I am searching about A troop 3rd Airlanding Anti Tank Battery,on D-Day night.
    1st question:Would someone know the names of all gun crews of the 4 intended guns on D-Day night?

    the gun crew carried in Hamilcar CN501 was (thanks to BRITHM for his help):
    Sgt CANNON
    Bdr W. WHITNEY (KIA)
    Bdr K. HARDING
    Gnr F. NEWHAM (KIA)
    Gnr D. STANLEY (KIA)
    Gnr BATES
    +2 others (names still unknown).

    2nd question: I am looking for a picture of 3rd AAT Battery prior to D-Day.
    would someone know if such a picture would exist?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Just so as folk don't get upset, the Royal Artillery did (and does) not have 'gun crews', they had 'gun detachments'. You may abbreviate 'detachment' to 'det'.

    10 men is on the large size for a 6-pr det, even allowing for airborne extras. Normally a serjeant (correct WW2 RA spelling) commanded a section of two guns and was the detachment commander for one of them. But perhaps in airborne units there were more sjts.
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    Map shooter

    You beat me to it. Gun crew is one of my pet hates.

  4. mapshooter

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    And a detachment with its gun is a sub-section or 'sub'.

    Since this is an RA list then the nomenclature needs to be right. I'd also note another booboo on another current thread. 'AOP' = Artillery OP! Oh dear. AOPs were of course RA but they were mounted in Austers not tanks. There is a slight difference between the two.
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    A Bit of Background

    The 4 Hamilicar gliders that were to take A Troop, 3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery to LZ N near Ranville that night were carrying 17 Pdr Anti-tank Guns. If not seen before Arnhem Jim in one of his posts gives a thorough description of how the loading was achieved.

    Ludo tells the story here of what happened to Hamilcar Glider CN501 and the men on board. There's also an article in French on Le Mémorial de St-Vaast-en-Auge here:

    Le Mémorial de St-Vaast-en-Auge - Liberty-Jeep

    Ludo, I noticed there is a pre-D-Day photo of 4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA on ParaData so hopefully one showing the "3rd" will turn up at some point. Otherwise not much help, but to encourage you to carry on.

    Regards ...
  6. Sheldrake

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    I think that some of the officers, and men for the anti tank batteries may have been transferred out of 53 (Worcestershire Yeomanry ) Anti Tank Regiment when it was converted into 53 Air Landing Regiment and received 75mm pack howitzers in place of anti tank guns. I would have made sense to make use of the cadre of highly trained anti tank gunners - but sense does not always apply in military matters.
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    Map shooter

    Couldn't agree more, RA terminology is my area of interest, and misuse really bugs me.

    Mind you I have noticed a distressing use of "crew" in The Gunner magazine lately!


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