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    Thank you both. He was with the 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment at OTS Bangalore from Nov 1942 to April 1943 so I imagine that is where the first regimental photo is taken. Or when he was first commissioned into 3rd Madras in April '43?

    I'd assumed photo 15 was later and post-war (my dad certainly looks more relaxed) but hadn't spotted the formation badges, that is really helpful to date it. The chap in the portrait with them is also in the centre back row of 15. I can see now that my dad is also one of those wearing them. So that photo will be of the 26th Bn I think.
    I have the slips which say he was "given sanction to wear the 1939-45 Star and Burma Star" on 10/10/45 and entitled to wear the War Medal on 19/8/46. It looks to me that he just has the first two in the photo?

    I don't know if this is any clearer?
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    Incidentally Jitter Party, it was only yesterday evening that I received a photo of his medals and badges so have only just identified what the formations are and signify.


    I can identify them all now apart from the three red ones with the bird. Presumably something to do with the Madras Regiment? Does anyone know what they are?
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    The paddy bird badge is that of 404 Line of Communications Area, which was the formation to which 26/3 Madras was assigned in 1946. I believe that these are the badges seen in the photos that I mentioned. I thought they might be, but didn't want to guess at it because you had not previously mentioned the 26 Bn (this is why it is always a good idea to post all of the service record documentation). That is also a very nice 20 Indian Division badge you have there. The others are GHQ India and 14 Army.

    That all came together rather nicely, didn't it?
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