3rd September 1944 - Army form 104-81

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    Dear Forum,

    A newbie here I have (well I think I have) filled out my introduction details on the appropriate form when I created my sign in.... and take it members shall be able to view this info....although the invitation of introduction cited above makes me think this may not be the case and I shall be in error?

    I discovered your forum/web site while researching data as above referred, and thought it appropriate to attempt to contact the diligent research provider directly via the facility to respond in such fashion, in the first instance by way of this forum to "ClankyPencil".... bearing the 46th Infantry Div formation sign as his Avatar (my apologies if this is inappropriate).

    Subsequently, please may I extend the request to any and all forum members who are able to offer assistance in this quest.


    "Dear Sir
    It is with great interest I discover your submittal of 6th Battalion York & Lancashire regimental diaries.

    I have reviewed the content in respect to the above referred date, and find an entry 2nd September 1944 with associated map (Gemmano /R. Conca) identifying I believe B & D company on September 3rd 1944 with a patrol splitting off to MOTCIANO annotated what appears to be "A Cov" ( not sure the abbreviation meaning)..??? after crossing R. Ventura.

    I am unable to identify which company the recipient (dad) was in at that time, however the diaries fail to include any details of the 3rd Sept, I understand MG nests were involved, unfortunate recipient had PIAT & side arm.

    Perhaps you may have some alternative ideas or sources to gather fuller information/ objectives in respect to this date?

    Kind regards


  2. ClankyPencil

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    Hi Les

    Apologies for my delay in responding.
    I've messaged you (in reply to your pm) all the relevant war diary pages etc that i have covering the 6th Y & L for 3rd September 44 plus additional info which may help your research.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Also suggest you might alter the main title of your post to include 6th Bn York & Lancs, and also add the name of your dad (Denis Hick) to it, as it will make it easier for other forum members to identify what info you might be after, and to make it easier for any other possible researchers to find in the future via searches etc.
    Something along the lines of '6th Bn York & Lancs - Denis Hick (4758632) - 3rd Sept 44 - Gemmano'

  3. Lindberg146

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    Thank you Scott for the generous sharing of your information, clearly you have great knowledge in research strategies, which has certainly given me a great deal to study and research, will keep me busy & contemplate for some time.

    Most grateful

    Kind regards

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