4 R/T/R: Reinforcements. 1942 North Africa

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  1. DavidW

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    Does anyone know if 4 R/T/R received any tanks or replacement squadrons between May and October 1942?

    Thanks. David.
  2. dryan67

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    32nd Army Tank Brigade – 19 September 1941 to 21 June 1942
    The battalion served at Tobruk and in the Crusader battles through December 24th, when it returned to Egypt. The regiment had 50 Matildas and 5 MkVI Lights on 19 November 1941. It reequipped in late 1941 with Valentines and moved to Palestine on January 25th 1942 where it remained until April 10th. It then returned to Egypt. It had been planned to land the battalion in LCTs in May 1942 behind the German lines in the Gulf of Bomba to attack and destroy enemy dumps and HQs in rear areas. Supplies were to be carried in Lloyd carriers, but petrol ran out and the troops destroyed the tanks and in turn had to be picked up by the Long Range Desert Group. The battalion then entrained to the embarkation point when Rommel attacked on May 26 1942. They had approximately 36 Valentines. The brigade crossed into Libya on June 1st and the brigade and battalion were captured at Tobruk on June 21st 1942.

    Suspended Animation – 21 June 1942 to 1 March 1945
    The battalion remained in suspended animation.
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    Here are the pages from the 4th RTR war diary for the period.

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    Thank you so much!

    Can I be cheeky and ask the same question of 7 R/T/R, as I have no records of any reinforcements at all in 1942.
    Thanks. David
  5. dryan67

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    7th Royal Tank Regiment

    British Troops in Egypt – 11 July 1941 to 10 April 1942
    After July 1941 the battalion sent a detachment to Malta and manned 38th Royal Tank Regiment (Dummy) in Egypt. The battalion remained in Egypt in January 1942 to reform, when 32nd Army Tank Brigade went to Palestine. During the Crusader battles only ‘D’ Squadron was in action under 32nd Army Tank Brigade at Tobruk. The rest of the battalion was used for deception (38th Royal Tank Regiment (Dummy) and tank delivery. In December 1941 the battalion began to reequip with Matilda IIs

    32nd Army Tank Brigade – 10 April 1942 to 21 June 1942
    It returned to the brigade in Egypt on April 10th 1942 and moved to Libya with the brigade on June 1st 1942 equipped with Matilida IIs. It was temporarily amalgamated with 42nd Royal Tank Regiment from June 6th to 20th 1942. The battalion was then lost at Tobruk under the brigade on June 21st 1942. When the battalion was lost in Tobruk it had a few Matildas, the balance of Valentines and five Grants from 1st Royal Tank Regiment.

    Suspended Animation – 21 June 1942 to 22 February 1943
    It was placed into suspended animation from June 21st 1942 until February 22nd 1943, when it was reformed from 10th Royal Tank Regiment.
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    Thank you so much!
  7. via fora!

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    thank you !!!!

    I was just trying to follow the steps of 4th RTR on those fateful days, specially their part in "the cauldron" battles on 5,6 june and afterwards.

    It would be very nice if there existed the same type of information about 7th RTR.

    thanks again !


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