4 RTR Pre-Embarlation Roll 1939/40

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    I am guessing that what you need is his service file ( Request records of deceased service personnel ) as this will tell you the details of his military life. In order to apply for them you will need a copy of his death certificate - as he died in Canada I am totally unaware of what the system would be to obtain his detah certificate - do you have any family there who could sort that out.
    The reason it is required is that it will show a date of birth, and also show his date of death, because you are applying for his service records the 'authority' needs to know, and have proved, he has died, otherwise they could be contravening the data protection act(s) they work under.

    In applying for his records you may need to explain the situation about his birth date as from what you have siad there may be a difference, and it is used to etermine that the file they look up is the right one

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    Thank you TD. I will proceed as you suggest. So you have an idea about the date discrepancy. Canada in the 1950s was a tough place to get work. The economy was the pits. The cut off for applicants to industries which had pension plans was 35yrs, Above that you were considered " too old". That is you did not fit into the terms of the factories insurance scheme. With a wife and three kids you "square off the rough edges". I think you will see that a guy who had fought in the Western Desert and the retreat from Rangoon would do what he had to do.
    I am not so hopeful about Glasgow. We have applied twice with no luck but on reflection I can see how this "anomaly" may have thrown off the staff working there.
    Thank so much for your help.
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    I have always found the staff at the Records Office to be exceedingly helpful if you explain your predicament, it may be worth as you post off your application to contact them by phone and explain verbally to back your written explanation, it certainly would not hurt

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    Thanks for that. I have family in Ayr and Glasgow who will be willing to help. I will let you know how I make out. Thank you again.

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