45th Regt Reconnaissance Corps Roll of Honour

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    In terms of uniform, Herbert would have worn the standard Chindit attire that can be seen in a multitude of contemporary photographs in books. Generally, soldiers did not wear rank insignia in Burma in order to disguise their rank from Japanese snipers etc.

    There are no service records in the public domain for WW2 personnel. You can as a family apply for his service records from the offices of the MOD at Glasgow. This should be very straightforward for you with him being a casualty and listed on the CWGC. If you apply as next of kin, or can agree the permission of his direct next of kin, then you will receive his full papers. If not, then they will redact any personal details, such as his family dependants, addresses and I think medical and disciplinary information. However, they will include all postings, unit details and dates involved.

    Here is a link to the MOD website, which explains the process and where you can download the relevant forms:
    Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide

    Currently, there is a long wait for Army records. I sent off for two of my uncles records back in January and March and only received them in early September. Good luck going forward.
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    Burt, only one place to go for answers and that is to send off for his service records as suggested.

    You will find very little online. One of the only records available are the casualty lists:-

    Royal Armoured Corps 6474196 SMITH L/Cpl HW 51/69 Regt Att 45 Recce Corps

    Casualty list No. 1466 dated 7 June 1944
    Reported missing 18/4/44

    Casualty list No. 2012 dated 16 March 1946
    Previously reported missing now presumed killed in action 18/4/44

    Casualty list No. 2016 dated 21 March 1946
    Casualty date amended to 'On or shortly after 18/4/44'
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    I just thought, Herbert's Army number comes from the block allocation for the Royal Fusiliers. So he must have begun his service with this regiment. Tony56 has him transferring from the 51/69 Regiment, which is Royal Artillery and was also part of the 16th (Chindit) British Infantry Brigade in 1944. So we do have a little bit more information.
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