4747331 William DOUGLASS, MM, 1 York and Lancaster Regiment: 29/12/43

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    Remembering Today:

    4747331, 1st Bn., York and Lancaster Regiment
    who died age 29
    on 29 December 1943
    Remembered with honour SANGRO RIVER WAR CEMETERY
    CWGC :: Cemetery Details
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    :poppy:We Will Remember Him:poppy:
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    Family home:

    Douglas Household (5 People)
    39 Staveley Street, Doncaster R.D., Yorkshire (West Riding)
    William Douglas - 20 Nov 1879 - Colliery Hewer
    Annie (R) Douglas - 15 Oct 1893 - Domestic Duties
    Gladys McArthur (Douglas) - 26 Mar 1924 - Domestic Servant Unemployed
    Eric Douglas - 05 Sec 1931 - At School

    (surname is actually Douglass)
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    I’m amazed at this. William Douglass was my nans Brother. We are extremely proud of William he was so young. Any information is always interesting.
    Rest in peace.
    Lest we forget.
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    If you haven't already done so, you could apply to MOD for copy service records. (Response rate recently is a bit slow but worth the wait if you want to have a fuller picture of his service.)
    Request records of deceased service personnel
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    William Douglass and Annie Rebecca Douglass were my great grandparents. Cpl. Douglass was my grandmothers brother. My Grandmother had moved out by then.
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    William I believe.
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