4865296 Kenneth SHEPHERD: Help, wanting any info on pics please

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    4865296 Private Kenneth SHEPHERD

    Hi, can anyone give me any info as to country of photos taken, or uniforms.its my great grandad Kenneth Shepherd 4865296, all we know until we get his service records is joined Leicester regiment in 1940,then transferred to black watch in 1942,then went to paras, then back to black watch 1945.thanks for reading my post. X FB_IMG_5122654701349950302.jpg Screenshot_20210808_150515_com.android.chrome.jpg FB_IMG_7067140739655091631.jpg
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    The man on the left appears to have a two coloured forage cap, with a lighter narrow band; the other two both have berets and the centre man's beret appears to have a very small cap badge - which could be the Leicestershire Regiment's brass cap badge (See Google).
    As for location I'd suggest Egypt, Palestine or Malta, even Cyprus. The barman's appearance is not specific and perhaps working a bar was not something Egyptians would do? There is a tall beer pump dispenser in the background. Can the lettering on the two bottles be read on the original?
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    Top photo.
    Bloke on right has para wings on top of his right sleeve.
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    Ive checked original photo and cant see the writing on the bottles. X
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    Thank you so much for your help.

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