5 Corps or 1st Armoured Division WD for Sept 44?

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    I'm in the process of adding some more points to the map. The SP gun knocked out by 10 Hussars at 1000 on the 24th is off to the east, beyond the supposed position of 16 DLI or 2/5 Leicesters at the end of the day.

    B Squadron of 10 Hussars, in reserve, was off to the south of the river aways so I didn't mark it.

    I am perplexed by the location of "Tailor" - I probably need to look at a period map. "junction of road and railway cutting 760925" - 760925 is on the south side of the Marecchia in the hills.

    I also note that Tom Canning made a post re 2 SLI which says they crossed the Marecchia on the 21st. Hello, Somerset Light Infantry help required but obviously this was some distance east.
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    Here are the pages from the 2SLI regimental history. No map locations, of course. It seems odd that the history talks about the Canadians to the east, but not about 1 Armoured Division - which as far as I know was in 5 Corps with 4 Infantry Division. 2SLI-1.jpg 2SLI-2.jpg 2SLI-3.jpg

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    So from 2 SLI War Diary confirming 22nd September. It is always interesting reading the unit histories and then the WD - quite often events have been lifted ad verbatim.

    2_Somerset_LI_Sep_44_0279.jpg 2_Somerset_LI_Sep_44_0280.jpg
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    For 2/5th Leicesters it was the evening of 22nd/23rd (together with 5th Foresters):

  5. Gary Tankard

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    And from 139 Brigade War Diary:

    139_Infantry_Brigade_Sep_44_0253.jpg 139_Infantry_Brigade_Sep_44_0254.jpg 139_Infantry_Brigade_Sep_44_0255.jpg 139_Infantry_Brigade_Sep_44_0254.jpg
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    And last, but not least, from 43 LIB:

  7. Gary Tankard

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    I also copied the individual Gurkha battalion WDs (2/6th, 2/8th, 2/10th GR) which each detail the events of the 22nd/23rd in great detail. I can provide them to you separately as well as the full WD for those above.

    The 43 LIB WD also has the signal log which you may find interesting as it mentions the 17pdr SP guns of 310 Battery RA being put into support 2/6th GR on the early morning of 24th etc.

    I also have the history of 90.Panzergrenadier Division which has a few paragraphs on the above actions from the German side...but I guess I'll have to translate.

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