51st Highland Division Abbeville/St Valery

Discussion in '1940' started by Roy Martin, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Ask jf42 , he left a message on my profile saying he is General Fortune's grandson.
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    Basil Karslake's book The Last Act has a couple of chapters about the surrender. This was written using the records of his father General Karslake; not much dialogue though.
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    There are a number of threads on what happened to the 51st Highland Division in France in 1940, this thread appears to be a suitable place to add this. Yes, it covers events before the final days at St. Valery, so could sit on another, larger thread: Fighting withdrawal to St.Valery-en-Caux

    Anyway spotted via Twitter a draft article (35 pgs) by the Scottish historian Gordon Barclay & Adam Brown. The final edition and link is on Post 25 below.

    The website has no more, but if you want that it is: Home - Gordon Barclay

    I have skimmed through it, it is an episode I have read a little about and have no claymore to wield.
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    Thanks for the link to that PDF by Gordon Barclay......very interesting read indeed....he makes some good points.

    It includes by far the most detailed breakdown that I have ever seen of IX Corps final dispositions around St Valery en Caux....excellent!
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    The IX Corps dispositions was my work with the invaluable help of M. Herve Savary from the Pays de Caux. I'm glad you appreciate it. It's been a bugbear for some time that the French units in Upper Normandy were dismissed simply as "The French". I hope our paper starts to put the record straight, in British papers and articles, on their contribution.

    The finished article has now been posted on Gordon's website to replace the draft copy

    Mythologies-Main-V1_0-15_12_2021.pdf (gordon-barclay.net)


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    Id'd via Twitter a November 2021 YouTube episode (9m) by the The Scottish Military Research Group entitled: 'Capturing the 51st - Rommel's Photo Album (Behind The Image)', which they explain:

    A Scottish historian, Gordon Barclay added on Twitter:
    A recent Scottish newspaper article: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/f...-51st-highland-division-at-st-valery-in-1940/

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